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3rd of July

CBC In the Same Faith!


Dear Biblical Educators please announce to the children the further 3 weeks activities ahead so they may come prepared and excited to be in the same faith of Gideon!

CBC and TF Teen 
03rd of July

The picture of the poor house or the small picture with the 
Midianates invasion to be prayed about it, see instructions below / and as well the Sword paper craft, see video instructions


Give the children each a picture of the poor house below.  
Tell them that many times the problems steals our happiness from us because we aren't close to God or using our faith the right way.  
Our homes are poor, our health is poor, our families have problems, bad people try to hurt us, or many other things can happen. 
God wants us to be angry about this, not just accept it, like Gideon did not accepted.  
Have the children write their problem on the space over the door (of the picture of the poor house) or on the back of the Midianites invasion picture or in any paper, or draw a picture about the problem.  
Then have them put the papers up on only one wall of the classroom, and have them stretch out their arms to the papers.  Lead them in to a prayer of revolt that the problems be destroyed just like the Midianites were destroyed. Have them pray strong and angry against what the misery has been doing in their lives and in their families.  When they say the final, "Amen," have them all shout together:  
"A sword for the Lord and for Gideon!" 
Three times to help them remember the anger and strength that God wants us to have against the problems. 

Let them do their sword craft and when they are all finished have them raise their sword and shout again, "A sword for the Lord and for Gideon!"


Quel said...

Children are learning to be the "Gideon" of today! It's amazing how they are getting the Spirit and for sure it will bring results! They are willing to take actions as well.. CBC today was great! A blessing!

Anonymous said...

I loved the idea, the video is very helpful!
Erika Nottingham

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