Friday, 26 October 2012

CBC Lesson from 28th of October to 3rd of November

1 Kings 1.32-40; 3.3-13
Teach children that the book of Proverbs help as to take the correct decisions daily.
“In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” (Proverbs 3.6)

Start by asking: Who of here likes the poems and poetry? Who has written a poem to someone special like Mom, Dad or the teacher? (Wait for their participation). Today we are going to know that in the Bible book that are many poems. Let’s listen?
WE ALREADY learn about the importance of the Bible, that is the Word of God, and know that it is a book consisting of several other books, among of them there is the book called Proverbs.
Proverbs is a book of poems composed of 31 chapters, so it's known as poetic. Big part of this book was written by Solomon, the youngest son of King David, but a man who called Agur wrote the penultimate chapter and the last was written by King Lemuel.
Beyond the poems in the book there are parables and stories that teach about how to live well, family, friendship, obedience, etc. There is why the importance of learning more about this biblical book.
Before David died, he chose his son Solomon to reign in his place and showed him how he should behave. So, when his father died, Solomon was anointed king in his place and kingdom Israel.
After becoming king, Solomon went to a place very high called Gibeon to offer a thousand sacrifices to God, and with that attitude, he showed his great love towards God. At night, Solomon was sleeping at his house and received a great response from God, who gave him the right to choose what he wants. Kids, he made a very special request. Solomon asked God for wisdom, and he wanted to be a good king for those who needed God's guidance. God was pleased with Solomon's request, despite the wisdom, also gave him great wealth. Solomon was very wealthy and wise.

For having the wisdom of God, Solomon was able to write most of the book Proverbs, which brings great tips for our lives. Buddies, we must ask for God wisdom so that we can make things right, because then we will be happy in what we do.

By now, you'll need paper and lollipops (enough for whole class). Write each sentence down on a sheet and numbers from 1 to 5 behind the sheet:
• Place your hand on the head
• Stand
• Jumping with one foot
• Give a hug to the next friend
• Sit in the chair
Place the papers on the table with the phrase turned down and the number up. Start by saying: "Who wants a lollipop? (Show the bag of lollipops.) To win you must follow the guidelines that are in these papers, if you obey them correctly you’ll be rewarded. Tell the kids to pick a number, watch the children to obey the guidelines.
Continue until all papers are picked.
Then say: For you to obey the directions I read now, it was necessary to pay close attention ... Isn’t that right? In Proverbs we also find guidelines that help us to live according to God's will, therefore, receive the promised blessings. Educator, distribute lollipops and memorize the verse of the week with the class and then ask the children: Do you tend to follow the guidance and teachings of your parents?
Would you be hurt for not obeying your parents? Little friends, do you think it is important to learn about the Word of God?
Educator, choose three children to each question, let them express themselves, but check the time to not fall behind other stages of the class.

AGE 2-7 
Will I remember? Mark with an X the scene according to the order of Solomon, then paint it pretty.

AGE 8-10
Remembering. Observe carefully the scenes below, and describe what happened according to the story.


AGE 2-7
Game of Shadows. Join the authors of the book of Proverbs to their shadow.

AGE 8-10
The seven differences. Find the seven differences between the two drawings below

AGE 4-10
Finding the treasure. Paint the dots and find out the name of the book we learned this week.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

CBC Lesson from 21st to 27th of October

Matthew 5.17-19
Teach the kids that God takes care of those who trust Him.
" He is the LORD our God: his judgments are in all the earth.” (Psalms 105.7)

Take to class an appliance manual. Start by saying the following: Children, I
bought this appliance (say the name of it) and I don’t know how to use it. But when I opened the box I realized that inside there was this little book (show the manual).
Do you know what its name is? (Wait for their participation). A manual, well done!
The manual is to guide us how we use the product, such as installing an equipment, etc. Today we'll talk about a book that can be compared to an manual instruction for our lives. Let’s find out what is this book?

ONCE UPON a time there was a 10 year old boy named Johnny. He had a collection of books. In his room was a shelf full of books of history, geography,
human body, sports, etc. Johnny was very intelligent and read them with joy.
One day there was a competition at school and he participated in the spelling
contest. The boy worked so hard to win the contest. Some time later, Johnny was known as the wiser kid of that place. One day he realized that his teacher at school had in his bag a book unlike any book he knew, and decided to ask her what was that book. Then he knew it was a Bible. The Bible is the most special of all and should not be read just once in a while, but every day, since it teaches us to have true wisdom. Johnny also learned that the Bible teaches about God, and how to love Him and please Him.
Johnny's teacher also explained to him that the Bible is composed of several
books and is divided into the Old Testament, 39 books, and the New Testament,
with 27 books. Johnny seemed very interesting in the talk that every minute he
wanted to know more about this book so special. He also knew that the Bible brings books that tell the story of big heroes of faith, on the laws of God and brought poetry and songs. From that day, John wanted very much to have a Bible for him.


It is important to have a Bible and meditate on its teachings every day,
following the guidelines that are written in it, because doing so, will be very blessed by God. Got it?

By now, you'll need several books (homemade recipes, books about the
human body, dictionary, math book and the Bible). Place the books on the table, showing each one of them and explain what they are about, for example: Are you seeing this cookbook? (Show to them). With this your mother can learn to do different foods. With a dictionary you can know the meanings of words and make our doubts about the correct way to write. But the Bible is the most important of all is very special because it is the Word of God. This book (show the Bible) was written by a men guided and inspired by God, and brings to us all what we need to know about God and what He wants from each one of us. We must have the Bible and meditate on the words that are in it.
Ask the class: Who of here has a Bible at home? (Ask for them to raise their hands). Does your family usually tell stories of the Bible to you? What is the story that you like? (Choose three children to answer this question.) Do you think it is important to learn about the Word of God? (Choose three children to answer this question). Conclude with a prayer and encouraging children to thank God for giving us His Word. Do not forget to memorize the verse of the week with them.

AGE 2-3 
SUNDAY Collage. We are going to glue colored paper on the clothes of Johnny.

WEDNESDAY Searching the treasure. Take to class books (biblical stories for kids), some Bibles and sweets. Make some footsteps with office paper. Spread
the prints, books and Bibles on the class. Say that there are several of them on the class, and that among them are some Bibles. Ask for them to help you find the Bibles. Explain that to that, they should follow the footsteps. Each Bible found clap and commemorate the discovery with the children. Conclude by asking the children if they have a Bible at home. (Wait for their response.) Teach the kids that the Bible is the Word of God and it should be treated with care and affection. In the end, distribute the candy to the class.

FRIDAY Fun. Take to class a shoe box covered with gift wrap (kid item). Place in
the box some illustrations of animals that the children know (dog, cat, bird, horse, chicken, etc...) and colorful pieces of paper (Crepe, icing, cardboard, or paper that you find in the colors green, red , blue and yellow). Start by saying: Johnny had many books that taught him many things, isn’t it, kids? And now you will discover some things that had those books. Educator, ask every kid to grab a picture, or colored paper inside the box. If he / she choose a picture of an animal, say the animal's name and ask to copy it, if they take a colorful paper say the name of the color and ask to the class to repeat the name. Ask the child to point to something in the class that has that color. Commemorate every time the children answers correctly if they are wrong help them, and call other kids to participate as well.

AGE 4-7 
SUNDAY Making art. Paint, cut and memorize at home the verse of the week.
WEDNESDAY Complete the drawing. Draw Johnny’s face after learning the Word of God.
FRIDAY Painting the scene. John collected books, but it lacked a particular book, the Bible.

AGE 8-10
SUNDAY Maze. The collection was missing an important book. Bring the Bible to Johnny’ rack.
Completing and learning. Write on slips of paper the names of some books of the Bible, except the big names such as Deuteronomy, Leviticus, Lamentations, Malachi, and Ecclesiastes. Place the paper with the names in shoe box coated with paper (or other paper in black).
Write on a sheet of paper the word Bible, cut and then paste on the box lid.
Sit with the kids in a circle and explain: I am going to grab a paper in this case, the name of one of the books of the Bible. After I’ll close my eyes, while, the box will go passing through each one of you. When I say "stop", the child who is holding the box should grab a paper; repeat the name I have just said and the name of the book that he took off the box. You should then close your eyes and again the box will continue passing to the next kid on the circle and so on. The game continued and who gets wrong in saying the sequence of names will come out of the circle. Wins the one who gets to till end.

FRIDAY Activities. 1. Mark with an X the real answers. 2. Justify the false alternatives.

Friday, 12 October 2012

CBC Lesson from 14th to 20th of October

1 Chronicles 29; 1

Teach the children that we are the temple of God, so let us take care of it, because the work is great.

“…My son Solomon, the one whom God has chosen, is young and inexperienced. The task is great, because this palatial structure is not for man but for the Lord God.”

Biblical Educator show  the children  the  2 pictures  both are of  a church, but one is well taken  care of, clean and tidy and the other one is neglected, dirty and piled  up with rubbish bags. Ask them which one of this you think pleases God and is an honorable temple for Him to live in?
 Let them answer. Of course the one that pleases God is the one that is tidy and clean, because as we want our house to be clean so is the same with our Lord.

Sometimes we think that God doesn’t care about certain things, but as we are going to learn today He really cares.  David had the desire to build a house for God, but it was Solomon his son who actually built it and God inspired him on how to do it, can you believe that? God himself chose the measures, the materials, who knows which kind of material He choose? Yes it was gold, silver, bronze, iron, wood, fine stone and marble, He wanted it really pretty…

The same is with  us; we are the temple of God (how great is that …)so we have to be  the temple that is tidy and clean for Him to live inside of us, not like the one that is dirty and neglected.
So how are we going to take care of the temple of the Holy Spirit?
Examples: shower and brush your teeth every day, eat fruits and vegetables, exercises, stay safe and also we need to do some other things because He lives inside of us and we want to please Him like obeying our parents, caring for  others, reading  the bible, taking  care of CBC and always leaving  it tidy.

Sunday- To motivate the children to have  healthy habits and that we must  take care of the temple of the Holy Spirit we are going to prepare a special snack with fruits. Make it fun!!

Wednesday - This is the day to invite the Holy Spirit to come and live inside of us so we can be His temple, we are going to separate some time to seek the Holy Spirit with the Children but is important to let them know that they need to ask the Holy Spirit to come upon them and to live inside of them because He just come if you invite Him to come.

Friday – Together with the children we are going to take care of the CBC that is also the temple of God, teach them to leave the CBC tidy and organized.


Friday, 5 October 2012

Children Biblical Centre presents...

Children Biblical Centre presents...

CBC Knocking Down the Walls of Jericho