Wednesday, 16 October 2013

CBC Lesson from 20 th to 26 th of October


Proverbs 6.6

Teach children that laziness displeases God.

“Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise!” (Proverbs 6.6)


Take to the class pictures of a sloth and ants. Start by saying: Do you know the names of these animals? (Wait their participation). This is the sloth that sleeps 14 hours a day; it lives hanging in trees and hardly comes out of them. These are ants that we know very well because we always find them walking around carrying something to eat. Today we will talk about a Proverb where ants are mentioned, let’s hear the story? Then pay attention!


TAYNA AND Paul were twins and they were 10 years old. They attended  but they didn’t pay attention on the class, they were so lazy and always complaining.
Both of them were always arriving late in school because they were so slow in getting out of bed and they let their mother, Mrs. Rose, a long time trying to wake them up. Paul did his homework very slowly and he could only think about getting home and play on the computer. The teachers were always drawing the attention on him and Mrs. Rose was always called to the school.
When they got home, they used to throw everything around the living room: backpacks, snickers and let all disorganized. Tanya ran to play with her dolls and Paul with the computer and they only did their homework when Mrs. Rose said so.
After playing, Tanya left her dolls all over the place and Paul always forgot to turn off the computer and their mother ended up putting back on the place the dolls, the backpacks, the snickers and finally organizing the mess. Mrs. Rose was teaching her children that they shouldn’t be lazy, but no use.
One day, the educator of  was teaching a verse that says: “Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise.” When listening to the verse, Tanya asked its meaning and the educator explained that God teaches through this Word that He does not like laziness and tells us to observe the ants; they are so small and they live searching for food, when they find it soon carry it on. God teaches us to observe the example of the ants for us to be wise and smart like them.
Paul and Tanya confessed they were not being smart because they were being dominated by laziness. Then the educator said that it depends only on them for not being lazy and act differently. The twins understood and, from that day on, they changed behavior and became organized and studious.


The attitude of the twins harmed them in school and made their mother sad. Laziness harms many people and still displeases God. If you have been acting like the twins of the story then ask God to change your behavior for you to be blessed.
Ler foneticamente


            For this moment you will need newspaper balls (secular newspaper) and two plastic bags. Spread the balls over the floor next to you, in front of the class, call two children (same age and height) and give them the bags.
            Start by saying: I am going to make a game. They should pick up the balls and put them inside the bag they are holding, but (say the name of one kid) should put one of the hands back and use just the other, while (say the name of the other kid) can use both hands. Later we will count how many balls each one could get. Educator, start the game and when there is no more balls on the floor, take the bags and count with the class. Educator, possibly the child who used both hands must win the game. Ask: Why (say the name of the kid who used only one hand) could not get more balls then (say the name of the kid who used both hands) and win the game? Wait their participation and conclude by saying: Class, just as (say the name of the kid who used only one hand) had difficulty to perform this game because he could not use one hand, so it is with the lazy person because laziness prevents us from performing tasks properly. Little friends, we must not be lazy, because if we act like this we will displease God and we don’t want that, right? (Wait their participation). So, if you were lazy until today, determine that from now on this situation changes, ok! Who understood say amen!
            Educator, don’t forget to memorize the verse of the week with the children.



Let’s paint?

Using crayons paint Paul from the story.


Coloring and meditating the verse

We have learned today that we should not be lazy.


Organizing and memorizing

Cut and glue in the frame the ants in the right order from the verse.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

CBC Lesson from 13 th to 19 th of October


Psalms 119.1 and Genesis 6, 7 and 8

Teach children that we will be very happy if we live correctly according to the Word of God.

“Blessed are those whose ways are blameless, who walk according to the law of the LORD.” (Psalms 119.1)


You will need a picture of you (current) and three copies of it. Start showing the picture and ask: Class, who is this person in the picture? (Wait their participation). It’s me, and what about this person over here (show the copies)? It’s also me, but these ones are copies of the picture, right? The copies are identical but they are only copies, they are not original. Today we are going to tell a story about a man apparently like others from his generation but he behaved differently and this caught the eye of God. Let’s find out who this man was? Then pay attention.


            THERE WAS a time when people lived according their own will and they were far away from the presence of God. With that, violence and sin dominated those people and each day they were becoming more and more evil. God repented of making the man and even thought of destroying everything.
            But God has found Noah, a righteous man, obedient and really faithful even living among those people. Noah received from god the mission of building an ark, that’s right, a big boat of three floors, doors and windows.
            Noah started to build the ark and after a long time it was ready exactly the way God wanted. So Noah, his wife, his three sons, his wives’ sons and a couple of each animal species got in the ark and God closed the door so no one could open it, neither inside or outside. And seven days after that, the flood began.
            The people who were outside the ark must have been frightened and desperate, right? Imagine them wanting to protect themselves and the waters of the rain dragging everything. However Noah and his family were safe. It rained for forty days without stopping.
            The rain stopped but Noah waited the water to go down and when he came out of the ark he offered a sacrifice to God. Children, God was very pleased with Noah’s attitude and made a covenant with him saying that He would never destroy Earth again. And he put a rainbow in the sky as a symbol of this covenant.                       God gave up ending the mankind, when he saw that Noah was obedient to Him, and His obedience led him to save himself, his family and animals. Noah and his family lived happy on the earth; they had children, multiply and populated the Earth again.

Ler foneticamente


            Through this story, Vivian taught her friends how to solve problems with each other, in other words, the way Jesus made it: with calm and goodness. If the person is acting rudely and poorly educated, you can turn a simple problem in a big mess.
            It is written in the bible: “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” (Proverbs 15.1)


Educator, you take to the class a pair of high heels (doesn’t matter the size). Start this moment by saying: Children, today I brought a shoe to show you (show it). I’m thinking about using it in a different way; invent a new fashion (educator, put only one shoe and walk through the room). What do you think? It will be good if I put on only one shoe? Will I walk correctly? (Wait their participation). Of course not, right? For me to walk properly I need to put on both shoes (put the other shoe and walk through the room again). What about now? (Wait their participation). Now I’m walking correctly, no difficulties. If I left home with one shoe of each type I would walk differently and would catch the eye of the people on the streets, wouldn’t I? Observe that I can walk correctly when I’m wearing two high heels or without them (put your own shoes and walk). We should walk in obedience (educator, put your right foot ahead) and with fear to God (educator, put your left foot beside your right foot then put your left foot ahead), No use to do some things that please God and grieve Him with others, but it will be as if we were walking with one foot of each shoe before God! Noah walked correctly, bended from the wrong things and respected God, so he was very happy, he and his whole family.
Make a prayer asking God to help children (and yourself) to always walk correctly in the presence of God. After the prayer, ask the children to sit down and ask:
1.    In your opinion, is it easy to walk correctly in the presence of God?
2.    Was it easy to Noah to be obedient and correct among those people?
3.    Do you think is worth being obedient?
4.    What would we do to live correctly with God?
5.    Have you been an obedient child? If not, what is disturbing you?
            Educator let the children express themselves and give the opportunity for those who wish to talk. But control time for not delaying other steps of your class.

            At the end, use the poster of the week and memorize the verse.



Painting and grooming

After those days of heavy rain, they all left the ark.

Paint and glue little balls on the grass.


Organizing the story

Paint, cut and glue in the correct order the scenes of today’s story.


Telling the story

Observe the scenes and describe the events of the story of the week. 

Monday, 7 October 2013

Growing beans in cotton

On the 13th of October we will be giving the to each child their own experiment of the beans in Cotton,   tell them to find a special place in their garden so they can plant their little plant, those who does not have a garden can ask mum to buy a small vase and  can place in their window sill,  so the plant will receive the sun light and be able to continue to grow. In the same way we cared for this plant, from now on we will take care of the Holy Spirit inside us by pleasing him every day with our obedience day by day.
CBC Stamford Hill

Visual Resources 21 Days Fast

Well done, CBC Leeds & CBC Bullring for the beautiful board, seeds are growing, and the prayer boxes! I am sure the children are being blessed in the 21 days Fast.

CBC Leeds

CBC Bullring

Children Biblical Centre presents...

Children Biblical Centre presents...

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