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CBC Lesson from the 9th to 15th December


Have Gideon blow his trumpet (kazoo) and call all the men of Israel to prepare for battle.  Have all the kids come forward, and have Gideon say these lines:

God is calling us to fight our enemies the Midianites and to take back the land of Israel for ourselves.  These are our farms and our homes – let’s fight for our freedom!

Have all the soldiers shout “hooray!!”

Now have the angel come up next to Gideon and speak to him saying:

“God says your army is too big, you have 32,000 soldiers.”

“Too big?” says Gideon, “We’re too small!  The Midianites have 135,000!  They’ll wipe us out if we get any smaller than this!”

The angel says, “God says you have too many, Gideon.  God says to tell the soldiers that if anyone is scared to fight, they can go home.  Only the brave ones can stay.”

“Okay, soldiers,” Gideon tells the people, “Who here is scared and doesn’t want to fight?  If you don’t, you are free to go home.”

Now have more than half of the kids go back to their seats and sit down. (Later they will become the Midianite enemies in the skit.)

“God, look, I only have 10,000 soldiers left, this battle is going to be impossible to win!”

The angel answers, “God says, you STILL have too many soldiers!”

 The angel tells him, “God says, take your men down to the stream to drink, and then I’ll show you who is a good soldier and who should go home.”

The angel now says, “Look at the soldiers with their faces in the water.  Tell them to go home.  But the ones who are scooping up the water are the soldiers that God wants.”

So Gideon tells each one to go home, or to stand at attention.  He gathers all the leftover soldiers together and says,

“Men, we are just 300 soldiers, and our enemy is 134,000.  This is impossible, but we serve God.  God promised us a victory, but we’re not the ones who are going to win – it’s God’s power who is going to win.  I obey whatever God says.  Are you ready to obey God too?”

Have all the 300 shout back and salute, “YES !!”

Then have Gideon tell his soldiers to wait as he will sneak down to the enemy camp and spy on them one last time before they attack.  Have Gideon and a servant sneak into the camp of the sleeping Midianiites.

And the soldiers pretend to be afraid and hug each other (this part will be funny!:)

“When I give the signal, break your clay jars and let your torches shine bright, blow your trumpets and then shout our battle cry!” says Gideon

Have the soldiers crouch down as they stand on the chairs, and wait for Gideon’s signal.  Make sure the whole room is quiet and the Midianites have their eyes closed.
Then have Gideon stand up and pull off his paper bag, hold up his torch and blow his kazoo very loud.  Have all the 300 do the same thing, and then have them all shout, “A sword for the Lord and for Gideon!”

Now have the Midianites jump up afraid, and shout in fear, “It’s an attack!  It’s an attack!”  Then have the Midianites start to fight each other with their swords.  Have Gideon’s 300 rush down the mountain and chase the Midianites away to a far away country which will be the other side of the classroom they won’t get bored of it if you do it right!

Now have everybody sit down, put their torches in their pockets or in a special place so they won’t play with them again.  Promise that they can take them home with them after church is over.  Have them calm down and ask them what part of the story did they like the best.

Of course they will say, the attack! 

Don’t you think it’s crazy for only 300 men to fight 135,000?

Don’t you think it’s crazy to fight with trumpets and torches and not swords?

Why do you think the Midianites started to fight each other instead of fighting the Israelites?  Because God caused the enemy to become confused.

Are there times in your life when the problems are attacking you?  Yes, with problems in your family or in your school.
Can God confuse our enemies and make him run away from you?  Yes!

What did Gideon do to become so powerful?  He just obeyed.

If you want to be powerful with God’s spirit, what do you have to do?  Just obey!!

Now ask the children who want to be warriors like Gideon to stand up and come forward for a prayer.  Remind them that they can be strong like Gideon, but God can’t do anything for them if they don’t obey Him first.  They need to promise to obey God, and then the power of God will come to them.

Lead them in a prayer to become a warrior and to make a promise to God to obey Him for the rest of their lives.  When the prayer is finished, have them clap their hands in praise to God.  Now ask if anyone else would like to make a prayer request for the Israel Campaign, a difficult problem they are going through.  Remind them that Gideon wasn’t afraid to obey, so they need to have the faith and courage of Gideon to see a miracle too.  

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