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CBC Lesson from 19th to 25th of May

2 Kings 4.1-7
Teach children that those who trust in God are blessed.

“O Lord of hosts, blessed is the man who trusts in You!” (Psalms 84.12)

Educator, you start by saying the following: Who here feels happy and safe with
the caring from mommy and daddy? (Wait participation) Today we are going to learn a story of a widow that passed through a difficult moment, but she used her faith and was helped by God. Let us know what happened? Be quiet, I am going to tell you.

A CERTAIN man, a disciple of the prophets, died and left wife and two sons. This
man respected God and served Him with love and obedience, and people recognized that he was from God.
It happened that, after he died, his widow got unable to sustain herself and her two sons; because of that her bills increased so much and the widow got so many debts, until one day, a creditor who she had a debt, searched for her and said: “I want to receive what you own me. I will come back later and, if you do not pay me, I will take your two sons as slaves to work for me.”
Oh, what a sad situation! Right, kids? Besides losing her husband, she would also lose her sons if she could not pay that debt. Without conditions to solve such situation, the widow went to cry for the help of Prophet Elisha, and she said: “My husband died and, as you know, he was a great man of God. And now, the creditor will take my two sons as slaves if I do not pay him.” Elisha asked what she had at home, and she answered: “I have nothing but a stone bottle of olive oil.”
So, Elisha said the widow to borrow from the neighbors lots of pots, then she go
back to her house with her sons. At home, with the doors closed, she should pour down that oil in the borrowed pots she had got.
The woman obeyed to what Prophet Elisha had said, and immediately she went
asking for pots among her neighbors. When getting home with her sons, she started filling the pots. Her sons were giving the pots and she was filling it, until she said: “Bringme another pot”. But there were no more pots and, from that moment, the oil stopped multiplying.
After that, the widow went to Prophet Elisha and told him everything that had
happened. Little friends, what would her do with so much oil? (Wait participation). Elisha said to the widow to sell the oil and pay the debt. Before time, oil did worth a lot of money because people used it in several ways.

Little friends, God did not let that woman to be ashamed; on the contrary, He
manifested when she trusted and obeyed to the prophet. The widow got so much oil that she could pay her debt and had money to live with her sons for the rest of her life.

Educator, you will need pictures of umbrellas, coats, beds, water bottles, food
plates, soaps and bath towel. Start by saying the following: kids, parents always wish the best for their children. They do everything to supply their needs, that is, they fight with all their strength so nothing will miss for their children, right? (Wait participation) Now, kids, I am going to make a game and I want you to pay close attention. Educator, glue (with masking tape) the pictures on the board. Start the dynamics: let us say that (say the name of a kid) is hungry. What should I give to him/her? Point the pictures and wait the participation. They will certainly say you should give the food. Give the related picture and ask the kid to stay beside you.
Continue by calling other kids. For each picture, invite a different kid. Create
sentences according to the pictures and, at the end, conclude: Just as the parents worry with the welfare of their children, so God gets worried with those who obey to His Word.
Just as He answered to the widow from today’s story, so He will answer us; however we should remain trusting Him. God knows our needs and will help us, He looks after us. Our God is wonderful, right? Educator, you make a prayer, then show the poster of the week and memorize the verse with the children.

Coloring. Paint the stones bottles with thick crayons.


Painting time. The widow trusted, obeyed to the guidance of the servant of God
and was blessed. Paint the scene and glue yellow glitter on the olive oil.

Enigma. Change the symbols by letters and find out the secret message.

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