Sunday, 12 June 2011


Dear UK Biblical Educators,

It is with great pleasure that we launch the Children Biblical Centre blog, the space where you will be able to find information, resources and inspiration to carry on with your educational and spiritual duties.

We are here to remind you of the importance of your work and encourage you in the proccess! Our common goal is ministering to Children, showing them the way, building in them the character of God, so they may grow in faith and love for our Lord Jesus Christ.

This space is also one of communion, so we can share mutual experiences, testimonies, events, photos and much more.

We aim to update it weekly with contents that are relevant to current lessons, activities and upcoming events.

Feel free to comment, send your suggestions, ideas, and participate, so that we can improve in our service to God.

Make sure you hit the FOLLOW button, so that we are connected in a very special way.

You can reach the Blog Team on

In faith,

CBC Blog Team.

1 comment:

Maya Edmonton said...

I really like the new blog, everything about it, is so nice. I will now visit everyday, even if I should just read and make a comment. xx

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Children Biblical Centre presents...

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