Monday, 13 February 2017

Welcome 21 Days Fast of Daniel

Hello dear All,
Its great to be back in our blog! And what a great opportunity we have to be engaging in the 21 Days fast of the Holy Spirit, for a total life transformation.

And you probably be asking? Why should I participate in the Daniel's Fast?

Understand how this purpose will help the whole family. Is everything good on television that will support you and your child? How many times have worried about the movie or the novel he was watching? How many times did you hear your daughter singing a song that was not fit for her age - or for any age? 
Those who have children at home know how many inapropriate things the world presents: television, radio, movies, and even some books. The internet, then is a land without law. And you as a parent, as an educator, should be careful. Daniel's Fasting is the opportunity that families have to guard agaisnt the worldly content thrown over us everyday. The Bible teaches that we should show the children the way they should walk early: "Teach the child the way he should go, and when he is old, he shall not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6.

Its a period of "cleaning". During these 21 days of fasting, protect your home from harmful content. Take advantage to give more space to christian content. A good option for the children is to watch christian videos, spend quality time with their family, investing in a good and health habit, the app Univer brings the kids session, with a great variety of animation for the little ones. The app offers movies and other options for the whole family.

But remember: that is a time to clean your home from everything that is harmful. Read the Bible, and meditate on the word of God, take time to pray with your family, specially your kids! Help everyone on your home, regardless of age, participate in Daniel's Fast. Although not easy, its essential. Share on social networks the link of the program everyday at 10pm.

Fasting is open to all who long for something more in their life with God, a greater commitment to Him, the baptism with the Holy Spirit, and a spiritual revival. Get ready for that purpose that will bring a source of benefits to further strengthen your faith.

Are you going to participate in Daniel's fast? Have you participated in others? What were the results? Tell your experience in the comments.

Friday, 15 August 2014

CBC Lesson Plan Week 2 10.08.2014

Hello Biblical Educators,

There has been changes!

From now on, we will be much more interactive with everything we do and we will no longer be using the magazines.

Please see below the lesson for the Sunday 10.08.2014

Friday, 2 May 2014

Welcome to The FUN DAY! Saturday 03rd May

Are you ready for the FunDay? An afternoon of Fun with Children and parents, so don't miss out! All of you are invited to this amazing event! Saturday 03rd of May at 1:30pm in Finsbury Park. 
Performances, face painting, obstacle race, special picture booths, prize draw and much more! Please advert this to all your family and friends! You can't miss!!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

CBC Lesson plan from 14th to 20th April

Biblical Reference: Luke 23,24 and John 20.17,18

Purpose Of The Lesson: Teaching the children that Easter is a time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

Verse To Memorize: ' He was buried and on the third day was resurrected...'
(1 Corinthians 15.4)


Ask the children the following: Who here does not like to be blamed for something, you did not do? (Expect them to respond). Is it good to be punished without having done anything wrong? wait for them to respond and then say: No one likes to be punished, even when we have done something wrong. The Bible speaks of a person who took the blame for all mankind without having done anything wrong, do you want to know who this person is? So lets pay attention and listen carefully.


We all want to be happy right? so let the story begin.
God sent His servants throughout the world to teach various people how to live according to His word and be happy but they did not listen and continued doing all that was wrong, To solve the problem, God took a very difficult attitude: He decided to send His only Son, Jesus, to suffer in our place and bring us freedom and joy. He had to die nailed to the cross and suffer with pain, sickness and humiliation, all to save mankind.That is the great Love of our God, do you agree kids? Children understand something, people who live far from God or despise Jesus' crucifixion lack true happiness. Do you know why? Because He is not dead! Three days after He died, Jesus rose. It was very early on a Sunday and the first person to see Him was Mary Magdalene. That's it! She went to the tomb where Jesus was, but when she arrived, the tomb was open and empty. Mary began cry because she thought someone had taken Jesus the body of Jesus, when suddenly, two angels appeared and told her not to cry anymore, because who she was looking for was Alive.What a joy! Jesus is alive, He conquered death! Mary saw Jesus right there in the garden in front of the tomb. She left there and went running to tell His disciples.


Because Jesus' sacrifice we have the right to live forever with God in heaven. Jesus is alive and that is why Easter is more than a reason to rejoice. This is when we are able to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and the victory He gave us!  His son died in our place, let us rejoice, kids!
Jesus is alive.


Toddlers- Lets Colour in!

Primary- Paint the Scene

Juniors - Puzzle

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

CBC Lesson plan from 24th to 30th March

Biblical Reference, Luke 13.6-9

Purpose Of The Lesson, To teach the children that we have to ask for forgiveness and bear good fruits after we repent

Verse To Memorize  "...I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit..."
(John 15.16)


Start by asking, whose mum was spending time teaching them something but they never paid attention to then, they did everything wrong? How did your mum react? (Wait for their replies) Ah she got upset didn't she? No one likes to teach someone with no results. Let me tell you about someone, do you want to hear it? Pay attention.

The Tree without Fruits

One day a man planted a tree in the middle of his garden. He took care of it so much, with so much and care then the tree grew very nicely and beautiful. Then the man thought the tree was going to bear lots of fruits (figs) however it didn't happen for 3 years. He used to search for the tree but there was no fruit, just plain leaves. The man became very sad and upset, then he asked his servant to cut the tree, but the servant said no because he has hope that the tree would bear fruit and so he decided to keep it for one more year and this time make more effort to look after the tree.

In this story the owner of the earth is God, because we are the trees and fruits of our lives and behaviour. This is because we now know the Word of God. Before knowing the word of God we used to do wrong things and God wasn't pleased, but now we must do good to bear good fruits and God will be pleased with us.

For example the man that has the tree then had a servant and he said cut it down. We are like the tree for Jesus and when we don't bear fruits he always comes to help us. He always gives us another chance like the tree that still had one more year to grow and was going to be looked after with much love and care.


Don't forget that we are like the tree of God planted, we are here listening and learning the word of God, because he brought us here and every time he comes inside our hearts he wants to find good fruits, like obedience, love, kindness, patient, respect, etc. He wants a child that repents from doing wrong and will not disobey anymore , that will not lie or hit anymore. We now have to show God that you have changed an that you behave well and that you are different but also a child of God.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

CBC Lesson plan from 22nd to 28th December

BIBLICAL REFERENCE Psalm 78.38; 1 Samuel 15.11; 16.14-21 and 24

PURPOSE OF THE LESSON Teach children that God is pleased when we forgive our fellow.

VERSE TO MEMORIZE “Yet God was merciful; He forgave their iniquities and did not destroy them.” (Psalm 78.38)


             Educator, start by asking the kids: What would you do if a friend be upset with you for having beaten him in a contest, a game or because you met a new friend? (Wait them to participate) That’s a hard situation, isn’t it? Sometimes several motives let people sad or jealous of each other. Today in our story we will hear about a king who got sad and very jealous of someone who always helped him with so much love. Do you want to know who I’m talking about? So pay attention.


    DAVID LOOKED after his father's lambs with so much love. He used to play his harp and rejoice everyone who was listening and because of his great gift the young man was taken to the king’s palace. Do you know what for? (Wait them to participate). To play his harp, that’s right! The king was being tormented by evil spirits and the music that David played kept those spirits away for the Spirit of God lived in David and made him bless everyone around him.
                It happened one day when David and Saul returned from the battle in which David had defeated a giant and all women in the city began to sing saying: “Saul has injured his thousands, and David his ten thousands.”
                The king’s heart was sad because people loved David more than himself, therefore he was so jealous. Shame on him, right kids? David knew that the king wasn’t a bad person but he was dominated by a very bad feeling. For having a kind heart and learning to forgive David didn’t let sadness get into his heart because those who love God know how to forgive each other.
                Little friends, have you ever felt sad with someone? (Wait them to participate). Don’t be sad with this person because we must forgive those who hate us. Did you know that when the Lord Jesus was on the cross he forgave a thief? That’s right! And we also ought to be like him, to forgive those who make us sad. It’s written in the book of Psalms: “Yet God was merciful; He forgave their iniquities and did not destroy them.” God forgives our failures for He is merciful and we must follow David’s example, a man who had a kind heart ready to forgive.


    Kids, we learn from today’s story that David had a heart that pleased God and forgave king Saul several times. We must follow David’s example. When we obey the word of God and we have a clean heart besides being greatly blessed, we also bless our neighbor.


                Educator, take to the class office paper, a black pencil and a rubber. In advance make some dots, risks and scribbles using the pencil.
                Show this paper to the kids and ask: Look at this paper. Is it clean? They will surely say: No, it’s dirty! Agree with them and say: It’s true; it has some spots and dirty. Ask them how to let it clean again. Show them the rubber and explain: When someone do something wrong or keep bad feelings, one’s heart witch once was clean gets dirty. Do you know what displeases God? (Let children say examples). Just as I clear the paper with rubber (educator, erase the scribbles with the rubber), when a person regrets, the Lord Jesus cleans your heart from bad things.
                Right after that say for each question you will make they must analyze and answer how they feel about it. Educator put the kids set in a circle so they can hear the answers from each other.
                Pick some kids and ask:
                1) When a friend doesn’t want to lend a toy, I get…
                2) When I’m making my homework at school or at home I get…
                3) When mommy or daddy tell me it’s time to go to bed I get…
                4) When a friend doesn’t do what I want in a game I get…
                5) When a friend comes with a new colleague I get…
                6) When I wake up early to go to    I get…
                7) When I’m not at   I get…

                Educator, conclude explaining to the kids that we must have a clean heart always ready to forgive those who are close to us, being our friends or not. Children, we must not let bad feelings to get into our hearts. The Lord Jesus is always willing to forgive us; therefore we must follow His example, amen!





    Saturday, 14 December 2013

    CBC Lesson plan Campaign of Israel from 15th to 21st November

    Take the kids to understand the spirit of the Campaign of Israel, showing that God wants us to be strong and courageous to obey God.

    "... I'll teach you the way where you should go, I will guide you and guide you." Psalms 32:8  


    Educator, begin today's lesson by asking the children who are in the Campaign of Israel . Stay tuned to their response. Then ask them to stay alert, because you'll learn a little more regarding this purpose that will change the lives of those who participate.

    Joshua and the Hebrew people entered the new land of Canaan. This was a great victory won my little friends ... They found that most of the people who lived there were enemies. So too, we have our spiritual enemies that must be overcome.
    The great city of Jericho was near the Jordan River. She was surrounded by high walls of stone. The king of Jericho was not pleased to see the Hebrews approaching. Children, the king of Jericho represents our enemy that is not pleased when we getting close to our victory .
    - We will attack them if they get too close, he told his soldiers.
    Joshua knew that Jericho was an enemy city. God told him: " - You will face the people of Jericho, but fear not . I will help you win the battle. " ( Joshua 6 . 7 ) Therefore God also speaks to you , he is with you all minutes of your life! That
    is prophecy.
    God gave Joshua a plan in a special battle. Joshua told the people that they
    were to marching around the walls of Jericho, without speaking . Four priests would carry the ark four other priests would blow trumpets.
    The Hebrew people did what God commanded, marched around the city for six days. Each day surrounded the city once and then returned to his camp. That was exactly what God had told them to do. They obeyed God, and this requires a lot of courage. Friends, you knew that courage depends on faith? That's right child, if lacking courage, lack faith.
    The people followed obeying the command of God with faith and courage .
    On the seventh day, the people marched again. But this time they marched around the city seven times. On the last lap, the priests blew their trumpets . So all the people shouted and the walls fell.
    The people entered the city and took her from his enemies. God showed the people how to win the battle. And won because they did what God said.

    You know friends , not enough faith to fulfill the dreams it takes courage to obey what the Spirit of God guides . That's what we do in this Campaign of Israel , hear His voice and obey. In this way, God commands us to be strong and courageous to overthrow the wall that surrounds our lives.  Be attentive to the voice of God and do like Joshua who received the Promise, obeyed and acted put into practice the will of God.

    Educator, so now that you all built the walls in all the CBC’s, ask the children to stand up, holding their requests, ask them to attach it agains the wall of Jericho, some already did, then you will make a prayer to God preparing them for the walk and  to determine that wall will fall down and like God commanded we will march around the class in silence for 7 times and the last lap we will cry out to God with a loud voice saying for all bad things, behavior, lies, disobedience to fall down from our lives.

    Ask the children to present their requests upon the bible and you should give it to your pastor or pastor’s wife straight after the meeting.

    Be ready to hear in the days to come, testimonies from this Campaign as God was with Joshua, He is with You!





    Saturday, 7 December 2013

    CBC Lesson plan Campaign of Israel from 08th to 14th November

    Educator, start your lesson talking with your class the following: children, who here has heard of Joshua ? Wait for answer . Today we'll talk about it . After the death of Moses , Joshua was tasked with the job of guiding the Israelites . Under his leadership , the people took possession of the land of Canaan, and in this way God fulfilled another part of the promise made ​​to Abraham ( Genesis 12:3 ) . Pay attention and see how it all happened .
    God told Joshua, " - My servant Moses is dead . Now you and all the people of Israel to prepare to cross the Jordan River into the land which I will give you . You will never be defeated . I am with you as I was with Moses. Never forsake you . Be strong and very courageous ! Take care and live according to all the law that my servant Moses gave you . Do not deviate from it at all and you will succeed anywhere you go " . (Joshua 1.2-9 ) Children , Joshua needed to obey God just as each of us .
    Joshua gave some orders to the Israelites leaders and men did as he was told .
    It was harvest time and the river waters had covered the margins . It was then that the people left the camp to cross the Jordan . The priests led the way, taking the Ark of the Covenant . Children, the Ark of the Covenant today is the Bible . When they reached the Jordan and put their feet in the water, it stopped running and was piled on top of the river . At the bottom, the river dried up completely like with the Dead Sea. So the people went to the other side, near Jericho .
    When all had passed, the ark and the priests also went and stood in front of the people. After the priests came out of the Jordan, and stepped on dry land, the river began to run again and covered the edges as before . See how God cares for each of us kids!
    The gates of Jericho were very well sealed, not to let the Israelites entered . No one could enter or leave the city.
    " The Lord said to Joshua: - Look ! I 'm giving you the city of Jericho, with its king and its brave soldiers . Now you and the Israelite soldiers march around the city once a day for six days. In front of the ark of the covenant, will let seven priests, each carrying a ram's horn trumpet . On the seventh day you and the soldiers will march seven times around the city, and the priests shall blow with the trumpets . "When they take a long tap, all the people shall shout aloud , and then the city wall will fall . Then each will advance directly to the city . (Joshua 6:2-5 )
    " Joshua called the priests, and said: - Load up the ark of the covenant, and let seven priests stay in front with trumpets . " (Joshua 6:6)
    " He said to them: - Begin to march around the city ! And the soldiers march in front of the ark of God the LORD "( Joshua 6:7)
    Then Joshua commanded the priests gave a ride around the city, carrying the ark of the covenant . Then they returned to camp and spent the night there.
    On the second day once again marched around the city and returned to camp. They did this for six days.
    On the seventh day rose at dawn and marched around the city seven times in the same day. It was only on that day they gave seven laps around the city. In the seventh round, when the priests just blow the trumpets.  Joshua said to the people " - Shout Now! The LORD is handing Jericho to you "( Joshua 6:16)
    Then the priests blew the trumpets . As soon as the people heard this sound , shouted with all the strength , and the wall fell . Then all rose , entered the city and took it .

    This is The Campaign of Israel, the opportunity to overthrow our problems , delivering them to God. Children need to be strong , brave and determined as Joshua . Just believe in the prophecies of the Word of God and they will be fulfilled in our lives . God promised Abraham , Isaac , Israel , Moses , Joshua, but now the prophecy is our, is for all who believe.  So friends, strive enough, come this way, so you are also winners , like Joshua. Be Obedient and Courageous.
    Remember, God has chosen you , and you can drop by their faith the walls of problems .
    Educator , prepare in advance a big drawing of a wall ( a big wall .) Can be the size of two sheets of brown paper or cardboard . Cole on one wall of the room and invite the children to write their problems on a piece of paper. So they are not embarrassed , stick them in a way that applications are not visible , can be overturned . Every day you talk about Campaign of Israel , ask them to write the problem and sticking on the wall . At the end of the way, fold the wall with the problems , put the center of the room ( or space to give the kids standing around ) and , together with the children , in one voice , ask them to cry , thinking about the problem as well as Joshua did . Then pray with them and give problems to the pastor burn .

    My prayer request:





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