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CBC Lesson from 3rd to 9th of June


Psalms 127.1 and Joshua 2; 6.17-25

Teach children that when we love God, He guards and protects our family.

“Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain.” (Psalms 127.1)

Take to the class a picture of binoculars. Start by saying the following: Do you know what this object is what is it for? (Show the picture and wait for their participation). These are binoculars and they have lenses that enable us to see at a long distance. Lifeguards use binoculars to watch swimmers in the sea. Police officers and soldiers in war also use it at their jobs, to watch the action of thieves or enemies. Did you know that God also watches and guards our family? Let’s find out how! So pay attention the story is about to start.

JOSHUA WAS chosen by God to conquer the city of Jericho with his warriors.
God had promised to give that city to His people but the enemies were living there.
Therefore, Joshua decided to send two spies to spy out the land and tell all they had seen there.
Carefully, the spies came to the city and hid in the house of a woman named Rahab. But the king learned that they were hiding in that house, and sent the following message for her: Send out the two men who are in your home because they are spies.
Rahab hid the truth and did not inform the king or hand over the spies. Do you know why children? She knew those men served the living God, so she decided to help hiding them on the terrace. Rahab's house was up on the wall of the city.
When the king's messengers left, Rahab called the spies and asked when the city was invaded by the people of God, if they would be kind to her and her family, saving their lives, just as she had done to them.
The spies promised that she would be protected if, the day the city was invaded, she call all her relatives to her house and tie a scarlet cord in the window.
After that, the spies decided to leave and not to be seen they had to go out the window, down a rope. The men returned and told Joshua everything they saw and heard at Jericho.
God spoke to Joshua all that he should do, and then he and his warriors marched around the city 13 times, blew the trumpets and shouted loudly, until the walls surrounding the city of Jericho fell down. Everything was destroyed, but nothing happened to Rahab and her family, who lived together with the people of God.

Little friends, there is a Psalms that says: “Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain”. Do you know what it means? It means that God is the only one who can protect and deliver our family from evil. For that, we should seek Him and ask Him to protect our family. That’s what happened with Rahab’s family after she recognized that God was the only one who could save them. Who here will always pray for your family say “I will”. Amen!

Biblical Educator, take to the class a mosquito net or a picture of it covering a bed. Start by asking the following: Children, it’s really bad sleeping in a place where there are mosquitoes, right? They bite and bother you a lot. Babies are the ones who suffer the most with the bites of this insect. To avoid it, some people buy the mosquito net (show the mosquito net or the picture of it), put it over the bed and those who are lying on it are protected from insects.
Little friends, today we heard about Rahab, a woman who recognized that the God of Israel was the living and Powerful God, therefore she had hidden His servants inside her house. Because of this attitude, Rahab and her entire family were protected when Joshua and the warriors of God conquered the city of Jericho.
Class, just as Rahab’s family was protected so God also guards our family when we trust and believe Him. God is our Protector, and as well as this mosquito net wraps and protects against mosquitoes (show it again), He protects each one of us and our family, not allowing any harm to reach us if we are under His protection.
Who can tell me how we can be under the protection of God? (Give some time for the kids to answer). When we obey His Word (the Bible shows), if we deliver our family into the hands of the Lord Jesus and believe that He will take care of everything, just as this verse says (show the poster of the week and memorize the verse): “Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain.” (Psalms 127.1). Amen? Biblical Educator, after this moment make a prayer with the children and stimulate them to pray for their relatives. Distribute for them chain paper dolls (see model), and ask them to write on it the names of their relatives and pray throughout the week. Help the illiterate kids to write on them.


Age 2-3
SUNDAY-Coloring. Rahab and her family were protected.
MONDAY-Drawing pretty well. Biblical Educator, distribute office paper, thick crayons and ask the children to draw Rahab.
WEDNESDAY-Collage. Let’s glue colored paper on the clothes of Rahab?
Age 4-7
SUNDAY-Collage. Rahab knew that the spies were servants of God and helped them to escape. Glue twine on the rope.
MONDAY-Find the way. Using crayons, paint the right path that will take the spies to the city of Jericho.
TUESDAY-Painting time. Rahab hid the two spies on the terrace of her house. Paint her clothes in green.
WEDNESDAY-Memorizing. Rahab and her family were protected. Paint and memorize the verse.
THURSDAY-Drawing the end of the story. Biblical Educator, distribute office paper to the class and ask them to create a drawing based on Rahab’s story, In which she and her family are inside the house awaiting destruction comes to an end.
FRIDAY-Be smart. Paint the drawings related to the text and circulate those that are not part of the story.
SATURDAY-Musical chairs. Biblical Educator, make the musical chairs game.
The child who does not sit on the chair when the music stops should answer a question related to the story; if he/she misses it they will leave the game.

Age 8-10
SUNDAY-Enumerate. Enumerate and write the events, following the order of the story.
MONDAY-Exercising. Mark T for true and F for false.
TUESDAY-Game of the seven differences. Rahab knew that the spies were servants of God and helped them. Find the seven differences.
WEDNESDAY-Creating sentences. Write on the parchment a sentence for each group of words.
THURSDAY-Drawing the verse. Write the verse of the week on the board or a cardboard. Read it to the class and ask them what they understood, then explain the verse. Distribute office paper and ask them to draw something related to it.
FRIDAY-Maze. Find the right way that will take the spies to the city of Jericho.
SATURDAY-Free activity.

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Children Biblical Centre presents...

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