Monday, 25 February 2013

CBC Lesson from 3rd to 9th of March

Colossians 4.14 and Philemon 1.24
Teach children that the servants of God have authority to heal the sick.
“Jesus called his twelve disciples to him and gave them authority to drive out impure spirits and to heal every disease and sickness.” (Matthew 10.1)
Educator, make a poster with pictures of doctors seeing patients and bring it to
class. Start you class by asking the following: Has anyone here ever got sick or was injured and needed health care? (Wait participation). When you got to the hospital, there was a doctor and nurses there, right? Have you imagined if there were no doctors at all? Who would care of sick people? Doctors are very important. Did you know that there were already doctors at the time of Jesus? Today we will tell the story about a doctor who received a very special power. Let’s know more about it? Then, pay attention!

LITTLE FRIENDS, the Lord Jesus chose twelve men to be his disciples. Do you
know what their mission was? (Wait participation). The disciples had the mission of, along with Jesus, speaking to people about salvation, the kingdom of God. The twelve prayed and people were set free and healed. Miracles happened through them too!
Before them becoming disciples they had their works but they dropped it all to follow Jesus.
Occupations are very important. Imagine if there was no teachers, or doctors?
Have you thought about that? How would be the sick people? Who would take care of them? But if there were doctors and there were not servants? Who would lean the hospital? How would it be? Surely the doctor would have great difficulty working in a dirty place, right? It would be a risk even for the patients to be attended in dirtiness. You see how occupations are important?
Even God giving intelligence to doctors, still there are diseases they cannot heal
because they are incurable, that is, there is no cure. But there is a Doctor Almighty that can heal all diseases. Do you know whom am I talking about? (Wait participation).
Jesus, that’s right! Only He has such power.
Kids, there were already doctors at the time of Jesus, did you know that?
However, at that time, when a sick person needed help, the doctor used to go to his house and took care of him. Luke was one of these doctors. He was always with his friend Mark, the one who wrote the book of Mark, in the Bible. Luke heard of Jesus and learned that, through the name of Jesus, the sick can be healed, even of those impossible diseases. Doctor Luke started to believe in Jesus and became a very special doctor for now Jesus was inside his heart.
You know, friends, once Jesus came to blessing the disciples giving them
authority to heal all diseases, including the serious ones. How wonderful! The twelve and then the seventy men that Jesus chose had the power of healing everyone. That is so strong!
Did you know that the servants of God also have authority and power to heal the sick ones? (Wait participation). Yes, all those who serve God and trust in the name of Jesus have this power. And you too. So, if you know someone who is sick, tell him/her that Jesus can heal, invite him/her to come to church. Pray for this person and Jesus will also perform a miracle. Amen?

Take to class a picture (drawing) with a plumber, a cook, a doctor and a
mechanic. Start this moment by saying the following: Kids, do you know who are these professionals? (Wait participation). This is a plumber, this is a cook, this is a doctor and this last one is a mechanic (educator, speak showing the pictures). Each one has knowledge inside their own area of work. You do not call a cook or a plumber when the car has a flaw, right? You should call the mechanic for he will know what to do. Now, if there is infiltration, broken pipes, you call the plumber.
You do not call the cook to attend a sick person, nor hire a doctor to prepare, for example, a good dinner for a wedding. Each one has his role, but, even if they try hard, they will not always solve everything. For example, there are diseases that the doctors do not know the cause or they do not know how to cure it. But, the servants of God have authority to heal the sick people.
Friends, Jesus gives this power to all His sons and for you too. If you or any
relative of yours is sick, do not be sad. Not at all! If you believe with all your heart and pray with faith, then everything will be possible and you will see the great miracle that God will perform, like the one Jesus did in the past. Amen?
Educator, make a prayer with your class and then, with the help of the poster of
the week, memorize the verse as follows:
1. Read the verse.
2. Explain the meaning of the verse.
3. Ask the boys to repeat the verse first and then ask the girls. Later, ask to each row to say part of verse and, finally, the entire class. Educator, interact with the kids, congratulate every time they say it right and give another opportunity when someone goes wrong.

Painting time. Using thick crayons, paint Doctor Luke well.
What is the scene? Luke was a doctor dedicated to his patients. Cover the dots and discover the scene.
Puzzle. We learned today that the servants of God have authority to heal the sick. Pain, cut and play.

Friday, 22 February 2013

CBC Lesson from 24th of February to 2nd of March

Genesis 41.37-57, 42, 43, 44, 45 and 46
Teach children that we should forgive those who offended us.
“…if you forgive…your heavenly Father will also forgive you.” (Matthew 6.14)
Educator, take to class two small plastic bottles: one with water and another empty with the cover. Start by saying: I am going to split the water from this bottle to this another one (show the bottles but do not remove the cover of the empty bottle). Can I do this even with the cover on? (Wait participation). Of course not, right? (Educator, open the bottle and split the water). Only when I removed the cover I could split the water. Class, the anger and bad feelings close the heart of a person, just as the covered bottle. To have the presence of God inside your heart you must be free from all bad feelings. By the way, did Joseph forgive his brothers? Let’s find out.
WE HEARD last week that Joseph was put as governor of Egypt. He won beautiful clothes, a gold chain and the ring of Pharaoh. The king said to the people that, from that day on, all should obey to the new governor, Joseph. Little friends, during seven years Egypt was prosper, and Joseph ordered them to store part of everything was harvested in the plantations. With this, a lot of food was stored. After the years of abundance, came seven years of hunger and the people of another countries did not have anything to eat and many of them were going to Egypt looking for food.
And it was exactly what Joseph’s brothers did. They traveled to Egypt to buy
food. The governor Joseph was in charge of selling the food for people from other places. And it was at this moment that he met his brothers again. They came closer and knelt before Joseph but they did not recognize him. A long time had passed; Joseph was already a man and was very different from that young man they had sold. However, Joseph recognized them immediately but he did not say who he was. They introduced themselves saying they were there to buy food; they were twelve brothers being that one was missing and the youngest, called Benjamin was at home with the father.
Joseph said that would only believe in that story if they bring the youngest brother to him, and said that one of them would stay arrested while the others would bring the youngest brother. They got home and told everything to Jacob that, afraid, did not let them take the young man. After a while the food was over and Jacob said to his sons to buy more food in Egypt. They remembered they could only return if they take Benjamin with them. Then Jacob let him go.
When they got there, Joseph ordered to prepare in his house a very special lunch for them. His brothers had lunch and, at night, Joseph asked to one of his servants to put a silver cup in the food bag of Benjamin. When they were going back home, Joseph sent for them and said that someone had stolen one of his cups and the one who did it would be his slave from that day on. Joseph was doing it because he wanted Benjamin to stay with him. Then the servant opened the bag and took the cup.
The other brothers were so afraid and asked nothing to be done with him, that he could come back home because if they get there without him their father would not handle and could die of sadness; he was still missing the other son who had disappeared. Class, do you know what happened? (Wait participation). Joseph started to cry and told them the whole truth, explained all that had happened since the day he was sold out. Joseph asked them to bring their father and all the other relatives that were in his land. When meeting his father again, Joseph cried and forgave his brothers.
From that day on, they were all living in Egypt.
Little friends, God fulfilled the dream of Joseph. He was ruling Egypt and, after
Pharaoh, he was the most important person in that country. Even passing through so many bad things, Joseph forgave his brothers; so we should behave like this when someone makes us sad. We should forgive and pray for these people because this way we will be pleasing God.

Educator, take to the class the picture of handcuffs, start the fun chat showing
them this picture and asking the following: Do you know what the name of this object is? (Wait participation). These are handcuffs. Handcuffs are used by police officers to arrest people who did something wrong. Children, did you know there are some feelings that look so much like handcuffs? Do you what feelings am I talking about? (Wait participation). I am talking about hurt and hate. These two feelings let a person trapped, that’s right. They do not trap only the hands as handcuffs do, but the heart. Do you know why? Because the heart of a person gets sad, bitter ad God cannot live inside a heart like this.
Little friends, if in the begging, when Joseph was sold by his brothers, he was
hurt with anger, his heart would certainly be trapped to this feeling and God would not be with him. Joseph only became governor because he had a pure heart and filled with the presence of God; hurt was not inside it. He was free of all bad feelings, forgave his brothers and helped them when they most needed. Children, if someone let you sad then forgive and pray for him/her; this way you will please God, amen! Educator, make a prayer with your class and then, with the help of the poster of the week, memorize the verse as follows:
1. Read the verse.
2. Explain the meaning of the verse.
3. First ask the boys to repeat the verse, then the girls. Then ask each row to say part of the verse, and at the end, the entire class. Educator, interact with them, congratulate every time they get it right and give another opportunity when they miss it.

Paint the scene. Joseph was not angry with his brothers. Paint it well with thick crayons.
Paint, cut and glue. During the seven years of abundance Joseph managed to store a lot of food.

Verse time. Paint, decorate and put the hearts together according to the model. Educator, you should staple the two hearts when the kid finishes.

Friday, 15 February 2013

CBC Lesson from 17th to 23rd of February

Genesis 39.21-23, 40 and 41
Teach children that we should trust in God at all times, especially in difficult times.
“…in God I trust and am not afraid” (Psalm 56.11)
Start by asking the following: With whom here has already happened to get discouraged and unwilling to come to , because of a problem or something bad
that happened to you? (Wait participation). Children, many people get sad, discouraged, and stop trusting in God because they were wronged or are passing by a very hard situation, and there are some people who abandon Jesus. Today we will find out which was the behavior of Joseph after being incorrectly arrested. Let’s hear it?
EVEN BEING in prison Joseph remained trusting in God and the keeper, the man who took care of the prison, saw that he was different and that’s why he put him as handler of the prisoners. He was the one in charge of everything there. Once again, Joseph was giving a good example, just as he did when he was a butler in the house of Potiphar.
It happened that were sent to that prison the chief butler and the baker of the Pharaoh, because they had disobeyed him and were sent to that place. Joseph was in charge of them.
One night, those men had strange dreams that let them worried. Then Joseph asked them what had happened and they told the drams they had. Do you know what happened? (Wait participation). Joseph, full of God’s wisdom, explained the reason of those dreams. As we explained last class, at that time God used to talk to people through dreams and, today, He talks through the Bible.
Children, Joseph explained that the dram of the chief butler meant that, in three
days, he would work for the king again. Joseph asked when that happened the chief butler remembered him and help him get out of prison. The dream of the baker meant that he would die in three days. Three days passed and everything happened just as Joseph had said. The baker was killed and the chief butler was released, but has forgotten Joseph.
Two years passed and Joseph remained in prison. One night, Pharaoh had a
dream and wanted to understand its meaning and, at that moment, the chief butler remembered that there was a man in prison who could help him. Do you know whom he was talking about? (Wait participation). Joseph, that’s right! He was taken to the Pharaoh. When getting there the king of Egypt told him the dream. Children, filled with God’s wisdom, Joseph explained that during seven years there would be plenty of food all over Egypt, but after that would come seven years of hunger and, because of that, the king should choose a wise man to help him solve that problem. Do you know which man was chosen by Pharaoh? (Wait participation). Joseph was chosen but we will continue the story next week.
Joseph continued trusting in God, even passing through so many problems. He
believed that his dream would be fulfilled, so he faced all the struggles without
discourage. We should also persist and never give up, amen!
Educator, for this moment you will need an ice rock, a regular rock and a tray.
Put both rocks in the tray, leave it on the table and start this moment by saying the following: Class, watch these two rocks (wait a minute and keep talking). Children, although they have the same name, they are completely different, for this one here (point to the ice rock) will not exist within few minutes; it will melt. Only in a freezer it would keep its shape but in another environment, or heat, it melts. Now, this one (point to the regular rock) can stay here the entire week and nothing will happen.
Children, did you know that many people who call themselves Christian and have a faith like this ice rock. That’s right, for when problems begin to happen these people get discouraged as if they had lost their faith. Just as this ice rock is going to disappear in few minutes for not standing the heat, many people cannot stand the struggles as well.
We should have a strong faith that will not change for anything, that will resist to all problems, just like this rock (point to the regular rock). Joseph had a strong faith, that’s why he never dismayed; he trusted God would always be with him. So, if there is a problem in your family, or in your life, do not be afraid and trust for God is with you, amen!
Educator, make a prayer with the kids asking God to give them a strong faith that will resist hard times. After the prayer, ask them to sit down and ask:
1. In your opinion, is it easy to walk correctly in the presence of God?
2. In your opinion, was it easy to Joseph to be kind even being wronged so many times?
3. Do you think it is worth trusting God?
4. Have you been trusting God?
Educator, let the children to express themselves and give the opportunity to
those who wish to speak. However control the time for not delaying other steps of your class. At the end, use the poster of the week and memorize the verse.

Painting time. Even in prison, Joseph continued loving God. Paint with thick crayons.
Shadow game. Even wrongly arrested Joseph continued trusting in God. Mark the right shadow.

Telling the story. Observe the scenes and describe the events of the story of the week.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

CBC Lesson from 10th to 16th of February

Genesis 39.1-20
Teach children that when we do our best God blesses us.
“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters…” (Colossians 3.23)
Start this moment by saying the following: With whom here has ever happened to perform a given task and your parent or responsible called your attention because you did it anyhow? (Wait participation). Class, we will learn today that we should be dedicated in everything we do because acting like this we will draw the attention of God and He will bless us. Let’s hear it?
DO YOU remember Joseph, Jacob’s son, who had special dreams and the one
who we talked about last week? Joseph had eleven brothers but ten of them were too jealous and ended up selling him as a slave. The people who bought Joseph sold him to Potiphar, an important commander of Pharaoh’s army.
Joseph was far from his family and in a place he did not know, but God was close to him. He was not angry with his brothers because he entrusted that God would help him in that land.
Joseph did his tasks with so much love, everything right, as he was doing to God.
And because of that, everything he was doing was blessed by Him. We will also be blessed if we always do our best.
Potiphar saw that Joseph was different from the other servants and God was with him, so he put him as his butler. Now, Joseph was the servant who took care of everything and the other servants obeyed his orders. Joseph’s boss was not worried about anything because he trusted so much in his work. Because of Joseph, everything was blessed in the house of Potiphar, for God was with him.
Joseph was a great butler, a working man, kind and very handsome. Little friends, the young man was so handsome that the wife of Potiphar wanted to date him.
Joseph was faithful to God, he knew it was wrong and did not accept to displease God or his boss. Class, do you know what she did? She was so angry and said a lie to his husband; she said that Joseph wanted to date her. What a lie! Potiphar got revolted and ordered to arrest Joseph in the king’s prison.
The young Joseph was arrested because of a lie, and once again, he was being
harmed without any fault. However, Joseph did not despair because he knew that God was with him.
Joseph trusted God and did everything correctly because he believed that one
day God would fulfill His plan. We should act the same way Joseph did, always doing our best, obeying and trusting our God, amen? Next week we will tell you what happened with Joseph in prison.
Write the verse of the week on the board before starting class. In case you do not have a board, write parts of it on papers and stick it with masking tape on the table (so the class can read it); do not forget to write the biblical reference.
Educator, for this moment you will need a blackboard (or white board); if you do
not have it in your room, use office paper. Write on the board the sentence: “We should always do our bast” (the sentence should be written incorrectly). In case you use the office paper, write it with a pencil. Start this moment by saying: Children, let’s read what is written here? (Point to the board or paper and read it with the class). Surely literate children will notice the error in two words, but keep saying: Class, just watch! I have written the sentence so quickly that I ended up making two mistakes; I am going to fix it.
(Erase the wrong words, write them correctly and keep saying). Just because I have an eraser (rubber) does not mean that I will not be careful when doing a good work. We should always do our best, including the smallest things in our day-to-day.
There are two ways of performing tasks: we can do the best we can or we can do it anyhow. In your opinion, which way does God prefer? (Wait participation). God wants us to do our best, right? Joseph, even being a slave, served correctly to his boss, that’s why he became the butler of that house. An even being downtrodden he kept entrusting in God. Who here will do the best and will always entrust in God? (Wait participation).
Educator, memorize the verse of the week as follows:
1. Read the verse of the week (the one you wrote on the board or paper). Explain the difficult words and the meaning of the verse.
2. Ask them to close their eyes, then erase (if it is written on the board) some
words of the verse or if it is written on the paper remove one. Ask them to read the full verse (they will say there is a part missing). Tell them to read it anyway. Then ask them to close their eyes again and erase or remove other words.

Decorating the frame. Joseph worked with so much joy. Paint and glue gift paper stripes on the frame.

Certification. Cut, paint and memorize the verse during the entire week. Educator, if possible, after it’s done, glue the certification on cardboard.


Find the errors. When he came to Egypt, Joseph went working in the house of Potiphar. Find the seven errors in the scenes below.

Friday, 1 February 2013

CBC Lesson from 3rd of February to 9th of February

Genesis 37.1-36
Teach children that God has a plan in the life of each one of us.
“…what no human mind has conceived, the things God has prepared for those who love him” (1 Corinthians 2.9)
Start by saying the following: Who here has a dream? (Wait participation). There are two ways of dreaming: awake or sleeping. Sometimes, when we are going to sleep we dream with some things. But, when we have a very special wish that we want to happen or a blessing we wish to receive from God, we call it also a dream. In today’s story we will talk about a person who had a very special dream. Let’s know what happened? Then pay attention, it’s about to start.
JACOB HAD 12 sons and Joseph was one of the youngest. Jacob loved him more than the others because Joseph was obedient and took care of the sheep of his
father. Yet his brothers were always doing wrong things. One day, Jacob gave to
Joseph a tunic; it was an outfit with long sleeves that covered almost his entire body.
When seeing the gift, his brothers were very jealous of Joseph.
It happened that, one night, Joseph dreamed he was in a field with his brothers
tying wheat. When, suddenly, his bundle of wheat stood up and the bundles of his brothers surrounded and incurve before Joseph’s bundle. Children, Joseph told his dream to his brothers who were revolted and they said: "You mean you will be our king and will reign over us?"
After that dream, Joseph had another one where the sun, the moon and eleven
stars knelt down before him. Joseph spoke of the dream to his brothers and father. Do you know what happened? Jacob was upset with him and said: "What does it mean this dream you had? Will your mother, your brothers and I kneel down before you? "
Children, through those dreams God was showing that He had a plan in the life of Joseph. You know, class, at that time God used to speak with people through dreams.
Today, He uses the Bible to speak with His children.
One day, Joseph’s brothers were away from home, taking care of the flock, and
Joseph went to meet them for Jacob wanted to know if everything was fine with his sons. Joseph’s brothers were so angry with him because of those dreams that they decided to kill him. How evil, isn’t it? But Reuben, the firstborn of Jacob, did not allow them to kill him; he told them to throw him in a pit for he was thinking of getting him out of there later and take him home. At that moment, a convoy of important people who were travelling to Egypt passed by. Then, Joseph’s brothers got him out of the pit, took his tunic off and sold him to those people. When Reuben came back, Joseph was not there anymore.
After that, they killed a goat and defiled the tunic with the blood of that animal.
How evil and liar they were, because they took that dirty tunic and gave it to Jacob who thought that an animal had killed Joseph which was sold as a slave. What must have happened to him? (Wait participation). Next week we will talk about it.
We should always trust God because He has a plan for all of us and He is taking
care of us, just as He was taking care of Joseph. He wants us to be blessed and
achieve all the blessings in the Bible, amen!
Educator, you will need three plastic food containers with cover (they can be any size or shape). Remove the covers and put it on the table.
Start the fun chat by saying the following: See these containers; they are really
useful to housewives. In most homes there are containers like these, right? Are there containers like these in your house? (Wait participation). However, they are much more useful with their covers. Educator, at this moment get a container and a different cover and try to cover it; you surely will not be able to do it. Continue by saying: Children, I cannot cover this container (they probably will say that it is not the right cover), then ask a kid to cover it right. When it is done, say: You see, kids, each cover must be placed on the right container. Did you know that with God is also like this? He has a plan in the life of each one of us and will place us wherever He wants to for He uses us according to His will. Joseph had those dreams because God was showing him that one they he
would be a very important person. Little friends, God wants to do great things in your life. So, do not be discouraged, be obedient and trust God, for It is written: (Educator, show the poster of the week and memorize the verse with the class) “…what no human mind has conceived, the things God has prepared for those who love him” (1 Corinthians 2.9) Amen?
Educator, after this moment make a prayer with the kids asking God to fulfill His
plan in their lives.

Coloring. Joseph was a kind son, so his father gave him a nice outfit.

Coloring. Joseph’s brothers were very jealous. Paint Joseph and his family. Educator, after the activity talk to your class about the attitude of Joseph’s brothers.

Setting up the verse. Paint, cut and glue the pieces of the verse on Joseph’s clothes. Then just memorize.

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