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CBC Lesson from 17th to 23rd of February

Genesis 39.21-23, 40 and 41
Teach children that we should trust in God at all times, especially in difficult times.
“…in God I trust and am not afraid” (Psalm 56.11)
Start by asking the following: With whom here has already happened to get discouraged and unwilling to come to , because of a problem or something bad
that happened to you? (Wait participation). Children, many people get sad, discouraged, and stop trusting in God because they were wronged or are passing by a very hard situation, and there are some people who abandon Jesus. Today we will find out which was the behavior of Joseph after being incorrectly arrested. Let’s hear it?
EVEN BEING in prison Joseph remained trusting in God and the keeper, the man who took care of the prison, saw that he was different and that’s why he put him as handler of the prisoners. He was the one in charge of everything there. Once again, Joseph was giving a good example, just as he did when he was a butler in the house of Potiphar.
It happened that were sent to that prison the chief butler and the baker of the Pharaoh, because they had disobeyed him and were sent to that place. Joseph was in charge of them.
One night, those men had strange dreams that let them worried. Then Joseph asked them what had happened and they told the drams they had. Do you know what happened? (Wait participation). Joseph, full of God’s wisdom, explained the reason of those dreams. As we explained last class, at that time God used to talk to people through dreams and, today, He talks through the Bible.
Children, Joseph explained that the dram of the chief butler meant that, in three
days, he would work for the king again. Joseph asked when that happened the chief butler remembered him and help him get out of prison. The dream of the baker meant that he would die in three days. Three days passed and everything happened just as Joseph had said. The baker was killed and the chief butler was released, but has forgotten Joseph.
Two years passed and Joseph remained in prison. One night, Pharaoh had a
dream and wanted to understand its meaning and, at that moment, the chief butler remembered that there was a man in prison who could help him. Do you know whom he was talking about? (Wait participation). Joseph, that’s right! He was taken to the Pharaoh. When getting there the king of Egypt told him the dream. Children, filled with God’s wisdom, Joseph explained that during seven years there would be plenty of food all over Egypt, but after that would come seven years of hunger and, because of that, the king should choose a wise man to help him solve that problem. Do you know which man was chosen by Pharaoh? (Wait participation). Joseph was chosen but we will continue the story next week.
Joseph continued trusting in God, even passing through so many problems. He
believed that his dream would be fulfilled, so he faced all the struggles without
discourage. We should also persist and never give up, amen!
Educator, for this moment you will need an ice rock, a regular rock and a tray.
Put both rocks in the tray, leave it on the table and start this moment by saying the following: Class, watch these two rocks (wait a minute and keep talking). Children, although they have the same name, they are completely different, for this one here (point to the ice rock) will not exist within few minutes; it will melt. Only in a freezer it would keep its shape but in another environment, or heat, it melts. Now, this one (point to the regular rock) can stay here the entire week and nothing will happen.
Children, did you know that many people who call themselves Christian and have a faith like this ice rock. That’s right, for when problems begin to happen these people get discouraged as if they had lost their faith. Just as this ice rock is going to disappear in few minutes for not standing the heat, many people cannot stand the struggles as well.
We should have a strong faith that will not change for anything, that will resist to all problems, just like this rock (point to the regular rock). Joseph had a strong faith, that’s why he never dismayed; he trusted God would always be with him. So, if there is a problem in your family, or in your life, do not be afraid and trust for God is with you, amen!
Educator, make a prayer with the kids asking God to give them a strong faith that will resist hard times. After the prayer, ask them to sit down and ask:
1. In your opinion, is it easy to walk correctly in the presence of God?
2. In your opinion, was it easy to Joseph to be kind even being wronged so many times?
3. Do you think it is worth trusting God?
4. Have you been trusting God?
Educator, let the children to express themselves and give the opportunity to
those who wish to speak. However control the time for not delaying other steps of your class. At the end, use the poster of the week and memorize the verse.

Painting time. Even in prison, Joseph continued loving God. Paint with thick crayons.
Shadow game. Even wrongly arrested Joseph continued trusting in God. Mark the right shadow.

Telling the story. Observe the scenes and describe the events of the story of the week.

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