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CBC Lesson from 27th of January to 2nd of February

Genesis 2.10-13 and 3.1-24
Teach children that disobedience keeps us away from God.

“But your iniquities have separated you from your God…” (Isaiah 59.2)

Educator, take to class the picture of a vase with dead flowers and another with beautiful natural flowers. Start your class by saying: Children, observe this flower pot (show the picture and wait a few seconds). See these flowers, how beautiful they are, they ornament houses. But even someone looking after them, there will come a time when they will get ugly just as these ones here (show the picture of the dead flowers). When God created man, made him to live forever and never die; however, something happened and everything changed. Let’s know more about it by listening to the story?

THE FIRST man was formed of the dust of the ground; God molded him from clay. And from Adam’s rib God made the woman who was called Eve. Both of them lived in the Garden of Eden and nothing was missing for them. In the garden there was gold and gemstones.
God walked around that place and, every afternoon, he went to visit Adam and Eve and to talk with them every day. Man and woman lived happily in that wonderful place. Both were with no clothes because they had no malice and thought the way they were living was normal. However, one day, a snake asked to the woman:
- Did God say that you cannot eat any fruit from any tree of the garden?
- We can eat the fruits from any tree except the tree that stands in the middle of the garden. If we do so, we will die, said Eve to the snake.
- You will not die at all! God said that because He knows when you eat the fruit of that tree your eyes will open up and you will be like God, knowing good and evil. Children, do you know who was inside that snake? (Wait their participation).
The devil, that’s right, he was attempting Eve so she disobeyed God. Let’s hear what happened after that? The woman was looking that tree and she saw the fruit seemed to be tasty. So, Eve took the fruit and ate, and also gave to Adam who ate it as well.
At the same time, God sought for Adam and Eve to talk. He called them but they were hidden. Do you know why? Because they were afraid and ashamed for disobeying.
Due to their disobedience, God had to expel them from the garden and put angels to guard the way to the tree of life. From that day on, because of their disobedience, Adam and Eve began living far away from God.

Adam and Eve disobeyed God and lost the opportunity to live close to Him. So we must practice the Word of God and get away from everything that displeases Him as lying, stealing, disobedience to parents, etc. We can live filled with the Holy Spirit, talking with Him through prayers every day, as did Adam and Eve. We should only invite the Lord Jesus to live in our hearts and we can receive Him in our lives.

Educator, write on an office paper the word GOD, an on another one, the word SIN. Stick masking tape behind the papers and start the fun chat choosing three kids.
Give the papers for the first two kids that will stick it on their t-shirts. Educator, place the kids who have the papers back to back. The third kid should be in front of the kid who has the paper written GOD (two steps away).
Start by saying the following: Class, do you see these kids? One of them represents God and the other represents sin (point to the kids with papers). This one (point to the third kid) represents the people of God.
Children, when we are faithful to God and live a life of obedience and love, we are always before Him, close to our Heavenly Father, just like this one (point to the chosen kid) is in front of God. However, when someone lives lying, disobeying, swearing, being violent with your neighbor, this person turns away from God.
Educator, for each sin mentioned, the kids who have the papers should slowly move until one that represents sin be in front of the kid who represents the people of God.
Conclude by saying: You see now? This one (point to the kid) is before sin an away from God, do you know why? Because sin separates us from God! And only when a person repents and stops doing wrong things, then it gets closer to God again. Adam and Eve lived well in paradise but disobedience moved the away from God’s wonderful Presence and they lost everything they had. So, little friends, we should be obedient and practice the Word of God, amen?

Decorating the characters. Stick shredded paper in the hair of Adam and Eve

Coloring and thinking over. Adam and Eve disobeyed and ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge. Educator, after the activity, talk to your class about the danger and consequences of disobedience, listening to their opinion.


Memory game. Paint, cut and play with the memory game.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

CBC Lesson from 20th to 26th of January

Genesis 27-25
Teach children that God created man to worship Him and have communion with Him.

“So God created mankind in His own image, in the image of God He created them; male and female He created them. “(Genesis 1.27)

Educator, you will need a picture of a potter modeling a vase (easy to find in
websites). This picture will be used in the story. Start this moment by saying: In
previous classes you learned about Divine creations. In all of them, God used His word so they could exist; however, today we are going to talk about a creation in which God did not use His word, but His own hands. Let’s find out what creation was it? Then pay attention, I’m about to tell.

BESIDES CREATING the land animals, on the sixth day God also formed man. God took some clay and modeled it, that is, He formed the man as His own image and likeness. He made just as the potter that from clay makes a beautiful
vase. God breathed the breath of life in man's nose, and at the same time, he came to life. This man was called Adam.
God was pleased for creating Adam. And the man was in a beautiful garden called Eden, where he would live, take care of the plantations and the garden. God took care of Adam and gave him the best; just as He is taking care of us.
Adam should choose the names of all animals. God gave authority for him to take care of all animals; even the wild ones obeyed him.
Little friends, in Eden there were so many trees and tasty fruits. Adam could eat as many fruits as he wanted to. However, there was one tree in the middle of the garden that Adam could not eat its fruit for God had said:
- You can eat the fruits from any tree of the garden except the tree that gives the knowledge of good and evil. Do not eat the fruit from that tree because the day you eat it, you will certainly die.

All animals had their pairs but Adam did not have any companion. Then God
decided to make a wife for him and He said:
It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make him someone who will help as if was his other half.
Children, do you know how did He create woman? (Wait their participation).
God made Adam asleep and then took one of his ribs off. And with this rib He formed the woman. You see? God also created woman using His hands and not through His word as He did with other creations.
Adam was happy by seeing his wife. Adam and Eve were happy in that beautiful paradise, living close to God.

Adam and Eve were created by God and, when we are born, we are creatures of God as well. But when we accept Jesus in our lives we became children of God. 

 And, as His children, we have the right to the presence of God and the blessings.
Man and woman were created to worship God. And today we also live to worship
Him. It is written: “So God created mankind in His own image, in the image of God He created them; male and female He created them. “(Genesis 1.27).

Educator, take to the class pictures (from newspapers, magazines, books or
websites) of Indians, Japanese, black people, white people, fat, thin, tall, short,
people with some special need (blind or handicapped) and stick them on cardboards.
Put the cardboard on the board or on the wall of your class and start this moment by saying the following: Class, observe the people on this poster (wait about one minute then keep talking). On this poster we have different people from one another (educator, speak pointing to the pictures): there are Indians, Japanese, black people, white people, fat, thin, tall, short, with special needs, but all of them are important to God.
When God created Adam, He formed him as His own image and likeness. We are the image and likeness of God when we accept Him in our lives as our Heavenly Father, so we must love and respect our neighbors. We must love and respect ourselves as well. Did you know there are many people that, because of the skin color, hair and body shape, they think they are less important than others?
Jesus loves us just the way we are: thin, fat, short, tall, black, white, with straight hair, curly hair, exactly do way we are. You are unique! He loves us and get so happy when we obey and trust Him. Who understands say “I do”. Amen!
Educator, write the verse on the board or write parts of it in office papers and stick it on the wall with masking tape (in a way they can read it). Do not forget to write the biblical reference (prepare everything before starting your class), then memorize the verse as follows:
1. Read the verse of the week.
2. Explain the meaning of the verse.
3. Ask them to close their eyes, then erase (or remove) some words from the
verse. Ask them to read the complete verse (they will say a part is missing). Tell them to read it anyway. Then ask them to close their eyes again and erase (or remove) other words.
4. Continue until there are no more parts of the verse, and then ask the class
to say the verse even without any parts to read.

Drawing the face. Complete Adam’s face.
Decorating the scene. Adam and Eve were living in the Garden of Eden. Glue yarn on Eve’s hair and green crepe paper on the bushes.

1- Following the numerical order, copy in the board the words written in the leaves and discover the sentence. 
2- Have you been disobedient? If your answer is yes, take the following lines and make a prayer request asking forgiveness to the Lord Jesus; if no, ask God to help you stand.

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CBC Lesson from 13th to 19th of January

Genesis 1.9-25

Teach children that God created the entire world with all perfection using just His word.

“But God made the earth by his power; He founded the world by His wisdom…”
(Jeremiah 10.12)

Bring a big and colorful picture of a beautiful flower and a picture of a landscape in which there are trees, flowers, animals, rivers, etc. (easy to find in websites). Educator, if you want, you can bring the book to show the pictures to your class. Start the class by saying: Children, see what a beautiful flower, watch the details. Imagine how God was careful when He created flowers, trees, animals and every little thing in this landscape (show the picture). Today we will learn how it all came to exist.
LAST WEEK we learned that God created the world. Do you remember what He created on first and second days? (Wait their participation). On first day He created light, and on second day He created the sky.
Each day God created new and wonderful things. On third day He said: Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together into one place so the dry land appears. God named the dry land earth, and the waters He put together ocean. The earth produced plants and herbs that gave seeds of its own kind; and the trees produced fruits.
On fourth day God said: Let there be lights in the sky, they will shine, light up
the land and mark the days, years and seasons. What a great wisdom! God has thought in everything. The biggest luminary would shine during the day and the smallest at night. The biggest was called Sun and the smallest Moon. Stars were also created that day. God saw it was good and the earth was getting even more beautiful and He pleased His own creation.
Next day God created sea animals: fishes, whales, sharks, and other little
animals. And he also said: And let birds fly above the sky, and birds appeared.
The land animals: domestic ones, that we create in our homes; the savages,
that live in zoos or in the jungles and those who live crawling on the floor were all created on the sixth and last day of creation. The animals used to live released, grazing, running, swimming or flying.
God blessed the animals so they could increase the number of their species
and fill in the earth with their puppies. How nice! The earth was done, so beautiful with trees, plants, tasty fruits; but there was something missing in that blessed place.
And God decided to make His last creation, but we will talk about it next week.

Friends, God created the entire earth using just the power of His word and
made it all with pleasure and satisfaction. He is mighty, creator of everything, and all things are under His domain and under His powerful hand. So, children, we should take care of nature, animals and all living beings for everything is our God’s creation.

Educator, write in a cardboard, with big letters, the sentence: God created the
world using His word. Cut the cardboard in several pieces, as a puzzle. Stick
masking tape behind each part of the cardboard but hide one piece. Prepare
everything before starting your class.
Start this moment giving the other parts of the cardboard to some kids and
say: You should set up this puzzle. There is a message in it referring today’s story.
Ask them to set it up on the board or on the wall. They will certainly miss a part of it then stick the missing part. Read the sentence with your class and say: For us to understand the message it was necessary all parts to be in their right place. Children, when God created the world, He made it with all perfection and He was so careful in putting everything in the right place - just as the pieces of a puzzle (point to the message) should be put correctly. The animals, trees, plants, the Sun, the Moon, the stars, they all were created with so much love by God; He saw that everything was good.
Class, the Bible says: “But God made the earth by his power; He founded the
world by His wisdom…” (Jeremiah 10.12). Our God is powerful; all creation came to exist through His word and so what is missing in your life will exist if you obey and believe in the power of God, amen!
Educator, make a prayer with your class thanking God for all creation. Then
memorize the verse using the poster of the week.

Decorating trees. God created trees and fruits. Make red crepe paper little balls and stick it on the tree.

Decorating and memorizing. Paint the verse and stick on the frame little crepe paper balls or pieces of magazine.

Crossword. Fill in the squares below horizontally,according to the quantity of letters, with the creations of God.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

CBC Lesson from the 6th to 12th January

God's Creation

Genesis 1.1-8
 Teach children that God created the world through His word.

“By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command...” (Hebrews 11.3)Educator, take to the class pictures of sceneries, the sky, trees with fruits, animals, plants, flowers and the sea. These illustrations will be used during story time. Start the class by asking: Did power went off at your home? (Educator, wait their participation then ask to two kids how they felt that moment). It is terrible to stay in the dark, right? At night it is even worse because we can see a thing. Did you know the world was also dark, there was not Sun, the sky or little stars? That’s right. But today’s story explains how everything was created. So, listen carefully!CHILDREN, DO you know who made the world? (Wait their participation). The sky, the trees, the sea, the plants, the animals (show the pictures), all things were made by God. That’s right! God created the world. Little friends, say loudly the name of the one who made the world? (Wait their participation) God. How beautiful!But He did not make all in the same day, not at all. On the first day (show one finger), God said (Educator, change the tone of your voice and say) "Let there be light" and the darkness went away and everything was illuminated. You know children, before the light exists, the world was very dark.And God saw that it was very nice to have light, and then separated the light from darkness. For the light he gave the name of day, and gave name to the darkness of night. Little friends, during the day you go to school, play, watch cartoons, is not it? And at night, what do we do? (Wait their participation). At night, we sleep (hold hands together, placing them close to your face. Ask the children to imitate).On the second day (show two fingers), God created the beautiful sky that we see every day.        The Creation of God Yeay! The Bible (show your Bible) teaches us that God created the world with beautiful things. He is the Great Creator, so we must always be obedient to Him to be blessed, amen!

Here's the Activities, it was given on Thursday!




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Children Biblical Centre presents...

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