Saturday, 18 June 2011

Official CBC Song- Holy Spirit Come

CBC Official Song- "Holy Spirit Come"

Holy Spirit you are everything to me
Holy Spirit you are my breath of life

You are the truth
The power that involves me
The wisdom that guides me

I want everyday to seek your face

You are my burning torch
My Renew
My energy to make me up and make me face my day
You are my guide to lighting up my day and make me see simply everything in your own way

That’s not enough! I want more
To be filled by you, not only today
But tomorrow and forever more
So come, So come, Oh Come, Oh Holy Spirit! 2x


Anonymous said...

I think this song was a present for all of us, I love it!
Flavia Borges STH

Anonymous said...

This is an amazing song it's not only a catchy song but the words are very true and powerful it's expresses how much we depend on the Holy Spirit

Nancy STH - TF Teen

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