Saturday, 30 July 2011

CBC 21 Days part2 of Daniel's Fasting

Our main aim for this new Campaign of the 21 days of Daniel's fasting is to have many testimonies of children and teens!

From day 1 of August to 21 the CBC will also live the same faith in the Daniel's Fastpraying three times a day, and be totally off of what is bad for the faith, also always when possible for the children to be off from musics of this world, TV and Internet. We may advice them to have their spare time substitute for things that will feed their faith and their intelligence studding more, applying themselves to be better and excel in their studies, or learn new things on the computer such as Word, Excel or Power point, read a book or things as such. But always to be connected with God praying in our minds, asking God's directions and wisdom to excel, and to come upon us!

Also for this purposes along with the prayers reading the word of God.

We will teach to the children and to the teens that God has entrusted to us this marvelous path to be close to God and seek Him wherever they are not only in church. 

God bless you all!

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Tania said...

For sure this Campaign of the Holy Spirit will bear fruit! Here in Newcastle I can see how the children are grabbing the Spirit of this Campaign and I see difference when seeking the Holy Spirit, they are so much enthusiastic! I have no doubts, children will receive the Spirit of God and become His Light in this world! Another thing, this days of keeping off world entertainment, I know children are even spending more quality time with their parents, reading Bible together, speaking more, helping more at home, and all these are the fruits of being in Spirit and leaving the pleasure of the world behind. It's breaking through!

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