Friday, 22 July 2011

TF Teen Testemony - Change of Attitude

TF Teen Testimony - Change of Attitude

Josias Zola has been a member of the TF Teen for over a year. However before attending the TF Tenn, Josias had a bad attitude at school.
He would always get into trouble for being a trouble maker in the class, speaking out of turn and swearing at his teachers. Josias would also be involved in fights and arguments with the other children in his class.

Josias’ parents attended his parents evening at school and were horrified at his bad reports concerning his behaviour. Although Josias behaviour was poor, he was achieving outstanding grades for his work. However, because of his behaviour Josias had to attend “special needs” classes, in the hope that his behaviour would improve.

Due to Josias’ school report his mother was revolted. She spoke with Josias and made him realise that his behaviour was unacceptable. Together, Josias and his mother agreed in prayers, they anointed the school gates and Josias put the teachings he learnt from the TF Teen in to practise.

Today Josias is doing excellently in school. He has received numerous rewards for his work and his behaviour. He no longer has to attend “special needs” classes or has bad reports from his teachers regarding his behaviour. His mother is very happy with the changes in her son.

Stamford Hill TF Teen 11 to 13 yrs group at the UCKG- Help Center-

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