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August 8-10 14th Sunday

14th of August 
Proverbs 3.12

Teach children that God is our Heavenly Father, He correct and teach us because 
he loves us.
Verse of the Week:
“Because the LORD disciplines those he loves, as a father the son he delights in.”                
(Proverbs 3.12)
Starting your class: 
Educator, start by asking: how would you feel if you were playing with your 
friends with your favorite toy and your father (or responsible) tell you to stop playing 
for it’s time to make your homework? (Wait their participation and make comments). 
For many times the parents take actions that kids think are bad. Today in our story 
we will learn why the parents reprimand their children. Let’s find out? Then be quiet, 
the story is about to start.
MR. JOSEPH was a God fearing man and he had two children: Ray, his oldest son and Lan, the youngest. The two were united and always come back together from school. 
Mr. Joseph’s biggest wish was his children to learn and practice the word of God; he wanted them to love Him, respect our neighbor and be good boys. 
He taught them to fear God daily. One day, Ian came from school bringing in his backpack a mini game. 
Realizing that the boy was playing with a new toy, the father asked him: 
             -Lan, whose toy is this? And the boy answered: 
             -I found it close to home. 
Mistrusted, Mr. Joseph called Ray and asked if something special had happened as they returned home. Ray said that nothing special had happened. So Mr. Joseph called Lan and, in front of his brother, asked him again who owned the toy. The father was so angry that the boy tried to change the story telling that a colleague from school lent him the game and he would return it next day. Ray was upset with his brother’s explanation and told his father that, at break time, a boy was looking for his mini game but no one came with the toy. Trying to interrupt his brother, Ian was making gestures and yelled saying that was a lie. What a bad thing, isn’t it?
Mr. Joseph reprimanded his son saying: Lan, you know it’s wrong to get to yourself what is not yours.  This is not the education a give you.  
After that, wisely, Mr. Joseph took his two children to take a walk at the square and took the opportunity to talk with them about the importance of sincerity, telling them: 
              - When someone keep lying, taking things hidden, yelling, treating the next 
rudely thinking you're right, it means this person has an empty heart without Jesus, 
without love, without respect to the word of God, acting according to his own will. 
              He also explained to his kids that those who try to hide mistakes are away 
from God and let Him very sad. Do you know what happened after this 
conversation? Lan, regretted, looked to his father and said: 
              - Daddy, I found this toy at school and didn’t give back to the owner, I’m 
sorry, I’ll never do that again. Tomorrow I will return the mini game to the boy in 
school.  Mr. Joseph saw that his son was being sincere and was happy with his 
decision, so they kissed and hugged. 

Kids, we learn with today’s story that when the child is reprimanded by his father it’s because he loves him and he is taking care of him. As God teaches and reprimand His children, so the father reprimands the child who he delights, as it’s written: 
“Because the LORD disciplines those he loves, as a father the son he delights in” (Proverbs 3.12). The father shows his love for the child when he educates him, teaching the right things.
Interaction with them:
Educator, take to the class black eyeliner pencil, a small mirror, a face towel 
(it must be wet at the moment of the demonstration). Before you start, scratch your 
face (without them to see it) with the eyeliner and let your fingers get dirty with it. 
Start by saying: Kids, let’s memorize the verse of the week? (Show them the 
poster and read it. They will certainly talk about you “dirty face”, after reading the 
verse you ask). Is there something wrong with me, in my appearance? They will 
probably say that your face is dirty, continue saying: See now, is it clean? (Pass the 
dirty fingers on your face making it worse and wait their reaction). What happened? 
Just a mirror can make me see how my face really is. (Look in the mirror). Wow, 
what a shame! My face is so dirty, I’m glad you warned me. I will clean it with this 
wet towel (educator, pass the towel on your face until all dirty is gone, and then 
ask).And now? Wait their participation and conclude by saying: kids, did you know 
that the same thing happens with parents and children? Many children are just like 
my face was: dirty, in other words, they do a lot of wrong things, lying, disobeying. 
Even when you told my face was dirty, unaware I kept making it dirty. Many kids 
keep doing wrong things even if their parents tell them not to do so, right? Who here 
has gone through this? However, when I used the mirror to see where was dirty and 
cleaned it my appearance was another one. When children listen to the teachings of 
their parents, Jesus acts in the heart and, the same way I cleaned my face with the 
towel, Jesus cleans the heart from those who wish to live a life to God, understand? 
Who here, from now on, will obey your parents and God? Great! 
 Educator, after the fun chat with the kids memorize the verse of the 
SUNDAY 14/08 
Lan was wrong but he apologized to his father. Paint and write a message to your father in a white paper sheet (A4)
Educator, after the activity make a prayer thanking the care that the Lord Jesus, our Heavenly Father, has for His children and ask to each child to pray for their parents or responsible (uncle, aunt, stepmother, etc)

Reflecting. Meditate on the story of the week and answer 


Meditate on the story of the week and answer honestly: 

1) Do you get sad when you are reprimanded by those who love you (parents, family and friends)? 
a) Always 
b) Sometimes 
c) Never 
Justify: ______________________________________________________________ 

2) Are you usually reprimanded for not doing your activities (homework, put your toys away, etc)? 
a) Always 
b) Sometimes 
c) Never 
Justify: _______________________________________________________________ 

3) Do you obey to the teachings and orientations from your parents (responsible)? 
a) Always 
b) Sometimes 
c) Never 
Justify: ______________________________________________________________ 

4) Are your attitudes according to what you have been learning with the Word of God at the CBC classes
a) Always 
b) Sometimes 
c) Never 
Justify: ______________________________________________________________ 

5) We have learned today that the parents wish their children to be obedient. Do you think it’s important to practice the orientations from your parents (responsible)? 
a) Always 
b) Sometimes 
c) Never 
Justify: __________________________________________________

Friday 20/08 
Pass it over. Educator, for this activity you will need five 
bibles, pens, stripes of paper, candy or chocolates (enough 
for everyone). 
In advance, write the following questions on the paper stripes with references:  
1.What is the parable where the father forgives the son? 
(Luke 15.19-20) 
2.What prophet did not correct his children and so was 
replaced by Samuel? (1 Samuel 3.13,14) 
3.What was the king who was taught by his father and asked 
God for wisdom to take the throne of Israel? (2 Chronicles 
4.What was the name of the father whose children obeyed 
him, and held all the teaching? (Jeremiah 35.18) 
5.What should we do with what we learned and heard from 
our Heavenly Father? (Philippians 4.8-9) 
Educator, fold the questions and put them in a box. Split the 
class in five groups and give a bible to each group. A kid 
from each group will raffle a question. Explain that they will 
search the answer in biblical references. The group who 
answers wrong loses points. 
Win the group who answers correctly.  
Conclude this activity remembering that as the father wishes 
the best for his child, so God also takes care for each one of 
us. Then share the candies.

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