Thursday, 4 August 2011

August 2-3 07th Sunday

Dear Biblical Educators: Still in the faith of the 21 Days and carrying on with a class plan, here are the directions for this coming Sunday.
Let's seek the Holy Spirit in all classes so the children can also have the greater blessing inside of them!
Also grab the opportunity to seek for yourself when seeking God's presence with them, and you will also be revived!

August 07th Sunday
02-03 years old
For Biblical Educator's personal reading:
Psalm 78.38; 1 Samuel 15.11; 16.14-21 and 24 

Teach children that God is pleased when we forgive our fellow. 

Verse of the Week: 
Always make a post card with the verse of the week or be creative and make each letter in one paper sheet and plug it on your notice board with some missing letters and ask them to tell what letters are missing to complete the phrase. If you don’t have a notice board you may hang them on strings from one extreme of the window (celling not walls so we don’t remove the painting) to the other.
“You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble.” (Psalm 32.7) 

Preparing yourself before hand:
Educator, for this class you will need pictures of lambs, harp and David 
knocking down Goliath, it will be used in this story. Start the class asking: 
It’s very good to play with our friends, isn’t it? And how do you feel when a friend or a 
neighbor of yours fights with you? (Wait them to participate). Today we are going to 
know the history of a young man that forgave his king. Let’s know what happened? 
Pay attention; the story is about to start. 
(You may also plan a different way of telling stories using a little of creativity and net search you will be very excited to tell them, and they will be very glad to hear it)
DAVID LOOKED after his father's little lambs with so much love (show the 
picture of the lambs). Little friends, what is the sound a sheep makes? Baaa, baaa 
(ask them to imitate). David had a very nice instrument (show the picture of the 
harp). This is a harp and David used it to play beautiful songs (make gestures as if 
playing a harp and ask them to imitate). 
 One day the king called David to play in his beautiful castle. That’s nice, kids! 
Have you ever thought about being invited to a castle? Every time that the king 
heard David playing a beautiful song, the sadness (make a sad face) went out of 
the king’s heart and he was happy (make a happy face). 

 David was not afraid of anything; he even faced a very big man, a giant 
(show the picture of David knocking down Goliath) and he won, do you know why? 
For the Spirit of God was with him. How nice! People were so happy with David’s 
victory that the king was jealous and tried to harm him, but David had a good heart 
and didn’t get angry with the king but he forgave him and continued serving him with 

On today’s story we learn that we must have a kind heart and willing the good of all. 
We should not be bad to anyone and we should not mistreat our friends, just as 
David who forgave the king, understand? 
SUNDAY 07/08 Painting. 
Ask the children to draw the picture of David in a castle playing harp, let them paint it with crayons and decorate it around with small little craft paper bolls already prepared. 

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