Friday, 12 August 2011

August 2-3 14th Sunday

14th of August 
Proverbs 3.12 
Teach children that God, for being our Father in heaven, corrects us when we fail. 
Verse of the Week:
“Because the LORD disciplines those he loves, as a father the son he delights in.”                
(Proverbs 3.12) 

Starting your class:
Educator, start by saying the following: little friends, when your daddy and 
mommy reprimands you don’t think they are doing that to hurt you. In fact they do it 
because they Love you very much and they do not want to see you suffering for 
doing wrong things. The story I’m going to tell you speaks of a boy who did 
something very bad. What happened to him? Let’s know it? 

( You may also plan a different way of telling stories using a little of creativity, net search and specially visual materials resources, you will be very excited to tell them the story and they will be very glad to hear it!!!)
ONCE UPON a time there was a very smart boy called Huey. His father was 
called Joseph and he loved him very much. They played, they spent time and they 
were always together (hug your body and ask them to imitate). 
Mr. Joseph taught to Huey many special things that made Jesus happy. 
But one day Huey did a very bad thing! (Make a serious face). Huey 
took his friend’s toy without him knowing. When he got home with that toy Mr. 
Joseph asked him whose toy it was. And Huey said he had caught it from a friend 
without him knowing. Kids, can we get something hidden from others? No, no, 
Jesus does not like that! Huey did something very wrong, did not he? Then, Huey’s 
father spoke very seriously to him and said: My son, tomorrow you will give back 
your friend’s toy. And the boy said: I’m sorry daddy; I will never do that again. 
So Mr. Joseph kissed and hugged him. 

Today’s story we learn that when daddy or mommy reprimands their children is 
because they are taking care of them and wish them to learn the right things. The 
father who teaches his child loves him as well as God loves His children. 
Who here is a child of God say amen!  
SUNDAY 14/08- Paint the scene.
Ps: Educator, after this activity make a prayer thanking the care that the Lord Jesus, our Heavenly Father, has for His children and ask the kids to pray for their parents or responsible (uncle, aunt, grandma, grandpa, etc). 

Educator, for this activity you will need modeling clay, office paper, glue, wool yarn (black, brown, yellow, red).

Take these materials to the class, remind the kids this week’s story and ask them to model the father of the story. Stick it on the paper with the kid’s name and then glue the wool yarn making the hair.

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