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August 8-10 07th Sunday

August 07th Sunday
Psalm 78.38; 1 Samuel 15.11; 16.14-21 and 24  

Teach children that God is pleased when we forgive our fellow. 

Verse of the Week:
Always make a post card with the verse of the week or be creative and make each letter in one paper sheet and plug it on your notice board with some missing letters and ask them to tell what letters are missing to complete the phrase. If you don’t have a notice board you may hang them on strings from one extreme of the window (celling not walls so we don’t remove the painting) to the other.

“You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble.” (Psalm 32.7) 

Preparing yourself before hand:
Educator, start by asking the kids: What would you do if a friend be upset 
with you for having beaten him in a contest, a game or because you met a new 
friend? (Wait them to participate) That’s a hard situation, isn’t it? Sometimes several 
motives let people sad or jealous of each other. Today in our story we will hear 
about a king who got sad and very jealous of someone who always helped him with 
so much love. Do you want to know who I’m talking about? So pay attention. 

(You may also plan a different way of telling stories using a little of creativity and net search you will be very excited to tell them, and they will be very glad to hear it) 
DAVID WAS a very handy young man and with his harp he used to play 
songs that rejoiced everyone.  One day he was taken to the palace to play for King 
Saul. The king had unpleased God and because of that he became tormented by  
bad feelings and negative thoughts that was making him distressed and sad. However, through David’s songs this evil thoughts and feelings moved away from Saul. Time passed and David continued to serve Saul with so much love.
The young man had a lot of courage and strength and the Spirit of God, who lived in David, made him bless all people around him. Once, he defeated a giant 
who was confronting the king and all Israel. The people were so glad with this 
victory that all women in the city was dancing and singing: “Saul has injured his 
thousands, And David his ten thousands”. 
 Listening to those words, Saul’s heart was full of envy and, from that day on, 
he turned to hate, chase, and even tried to kill David, do you know why? Because 
the king was jealous of David, because he was blessed in everything he did and 
people liked him.  
 Kids, see what envy can do to a person that has a heart away from God. But 
David always respected the king and, for having a heart just like God’s heart, he 
never let the desire of revenge to take control of his life, for those who love and 
know God understand that they must forgive offenses from each other, just like the 
Lord forgives us. 
Children, maybe someone has saddened or mistreated you but don’t let 
sadness to hide inside your heart, be always ready to forgive. If you have found 
difficult to forgive ask the Holy Spirit to help you and He certainly will. It’s written in 
the bible: “Yet God was merciful; He forgave their iniquities and did not destroy 
them”. God forgives our failures for He is merciful. When Jesus was on the cross, 
He forgave a thief and so we must forgive those that make us sad. 
Kids, our heart is for Jesus, that’s why sadness, anger, jealousy cannot be 
inside it. If you are upset with someone, pray and tell God that you wish a heart just 
like Jesus’ who forgave even in death. When we are obedient to God we are 
blessed and we also bless our neighbor through our good attitude, our evangelism 
at school or our prayer.

Interaction with them:
Educator, take to the class office paper, a black pencil and a rubber. In 
advance make some dots, risks and scribbles using the pencil. 
 Show this paper to the kids and ask: Look at this paper. Is it clean? They will 
surely say: No, it’s dirty! Agree with them and say: It’s true; it has some spots and 
dirty. Ask them how to let it clean again. Show them the rubber and explain: When 
someone do something wrong or keep bad feelings, one’s heart witch once was 
clean gets dirty. Do you know what displeases God? (Let children say examples). 
Just as I clear the paper with rubber (educator, erase the scribbles with the rubber), 
when a person regrets, the Lord Jesus cleans your heart from bad things. 
 Right after that say for each question you will make they must analyze and 
answer how they feel about it. Educator put the kids set in a circle so they can hear 
the answers from each other. 
 Pick some kids and ask: 
 1) When a friend doesn’t want to lend a toy, I get… 
 2) When I’m making my homework at school or at home I get… 
 3) When mommy or daddy tell me it’s time to go to bed I get… 
 4) When a friend doesn’t do what I want in a game I get… 
 5) When a friend comes with a new colleague I get… 
 6) When I wake up early to go to    I get… 
 7) When I’m not at   I get… 

Educator, conclude explaining to the kids that we must have a clean heart 
always ready to forgive those who are close to us, being our friends or not. 
Children, we must not let bad feelings to get into our hearts. The Lord Jesus is 
always willing to forgive us; therefore we must follow His example, amen! 

SUNDAY 07/08 Game. 
Be creative and play a game with the theme below, where they can all interact:
Find the way and take David to the king Saul. 
One child may be the king Saul and another my be David and we can cover the child’s eyes that is playing David and all the other children can lead the way so he can find where Saul is, to make peace with king Saul and ask him forgiveness. Play it more times.

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KeeleyRose said...

I enjoy the lesson this Sunday..however I didn't have a lot of time to do the game towards the end. But the seeking of the Holy Spirit was strong the kids are becoming more and more focus. The examples given in the lesson are very very helpful.

Thank you and God bless

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