Wednesday, 31 August 2011


For the next week (04-10 Sep), we will repeat the lesson about Zacchaeus. This is to give you all, CBC educators and supervisors, enough time to prepare a very nice lesson, using all the resources provided and coming up with many visual resources of your own. Don't forget to share these with us sending your email to

For now, check out this really cool scenery. Pretty easy to do!

Can you guess what you need to create a scenery like this one?

Bear in mind you can substitute and improvise in case you do not have one or some of the materials.

The floor and background can be done with pretty much anything you want to use in any kind of surface you have available.

You can add sun and clouds to it, or concentrate solely on the characters.

This little fellow is Zacchaeus. Could you guess he was made out of an Yakult bottle? But you can use Actimel, Vitality, etc.

I hope you enjoyed our suggestions! Have a wonderful lesson this Sunday!


Did you enjoy singing Zacchaeus song? We want to hear you singing and coming up with a choreography, hands gestures, anything to make the song even nicer. How about gathering the CBC educators in your branch and doing it together?

Better still, how about recording it and sending to the blog?

Let's get active and teach our children the Word of God!

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