Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Class: 4-7 year olds

Teach the kids that God listens and answers their prayers.

" The righteous cry out, and the LORD hears, and delivers them out of all their troubles". (Psalm 34.17)

Psalms 34.17-19 and Kings 18.20-40


Start by asking the class: Who here has already called someone and did not get a reply because the person didn’t hear, or because he/she refused to answer? (Wait for their participation). How did you feel? (Wait for their participation). Today we will learn about some prophets who cried out a lot. Let’s find out if they were answered? Then listen carefully.


The Bible talks about a prophet named Elijah, who taught the people about the will of God. Elijah feared God and obeyed Him and so many miracles occurred when he used his faith. One day Elijah prayed for rain and so it was again, he blessed a widow who was hungry; he was very used by God.

One day Elijah took a big challenge with the prophets who worshiped false gods. The prophet Elijah told King Ahab to gather all the prophets who served other gods, and commanded the people of Israel to also be present. Kids, many people of Israel, who were people of God, were following the prophets of Baal, and displeased the living God.

Then all gathered on Mount Caramel and Elijah told the people that there could be no doubt, and that they should decide whether they wanted to follow a deceiving god or the true God, and so he made a challenge to the prophets of Baal, saying, "make an altar to your gods and prepare a sacrifice for them, call them. Then I'll do the same thing, but I will cry out to my God. And the God who answers by fire will be the real one. "

How brave was Elijah! He believed that God would answer, and had no fear of having to face eight hundred and fifty prophets. The prophets were screaming at noon and had no response. But Elijah did just a simple prayer by saying: "The Lord God, show that you are the king of Israel, the real one, and you're the prophet. Answer me ...” Children, God heard and answered the prayer of Elijah and the fire fell on the sacrifice, and the people kneeled and shouted "The Lord is God! Only the Lord is God!"


Friends,it is written that "when honest people call the Lord, He hears ..." (Psalm 34.17). Elijah was answered because he was sincere and honest with God. If we are obedient and sincere, we will also be answered, because God will never allow us to be put to shame. We just obey, using faith and trust.

Who of here uses the faith say amen!


Educator, start by choosing two children now (Note: they cannot have the same name). Ask them to walk in the opposite direction. Educator, you will have to walk behind one of the children, but calling the name of the other. Continue until someone notices that you are calling the wrong name. Ask the chosen children to sit and tell the class: Children as I was following (say the name of the kid you were following) and calling (say the name of who you were calling) and the prophets Baal were calling a god who wasn’t God. In this challenge, Elijah proved that there is only one God, and our true God, our true and powerful God who answers our prayers and bless us.
Kids, we must be determined like Elijah, who was trying to please God, didn’t get contaminated with the wrong things, as did the other prophets of Baal and the people who were undecided about who they wanted to follow. Remember: "The righteous cry out, and the LORD hears..." (Psalm 34.17). So if we want to be answered we must be sincere and live in a way that pleases Him.

Make a prayer asking God to teach everyone to walk according to His will, then ask the kids to sit down. Ask some questions such as: 1. What do you think about the prophet Elijah’s attitude? 2. In your opinion, how do you think God must have felt when he saw the people of Israel full of doubts, wanting to follow other gods? 3. Do you think it's important to say no to the wrong things in order to please God?

Educator, allow the kids to express themselves and give them the opportunity to speak. But check the schedule so that does not fall behind other stages of the class.

Remembering. We learned that when we ___________, God attend us.

Game. Educator, take two different colored bags to the class. If you prefer, you can take two balloons (also of different colors). You also need a radio with a CD/ children's music (gospel). Arrange the class in a circle and give balloons to two children who are seated far
Explain to the class that the one holding the colored ball (choose one of the balloons) when the music stops playing, must exit the game, and whoever is holding the other balloon must answer a question related to the story. Start the game.

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