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TFT meeting 6

6th Meeting                                   

Biblical Reference:
Psalm 32.5 and Judges 16.23-31

Purpose of the meeting:
Teach teenagers that God forgives our sins when we tell Him.

Key verse:
“Then I acknowledged my sin to you and did not cover up my iniquity (…) and You forgave…” (Psalm 32.5)

Initiating the meeting:
Start by saying: teenagers, when we make a mistake against someone we must ask for forgiveness, right? Through today’s message we will learn that, when we recognize our mistakes before God and abandon it, we are forgiven. (Start the message)

Message that edifies:

Confessing the sin
            Sin can show itself apparently fun and even bring a momentary satisfaction; it appears to be not so bad as they say, but all of it is an illusion. The bible says that sin deceives and destroys and it was exactly what happened to Samson. He was seduced by sin that deceived and destroyed him. The great and strong Samson was defeated by the pleasures of the flesh.
            The Philistines gathered to worship the false God Dagon and took Samson to entertain them. And there he was, slaughtered, humiliated, weak, and blind, without the presence of the Spirit of God, because from the moment he broke his vow with God.
            From that moment Samson could feel the terrible pain that sin brings, feeling like the worst men of all. He realized from that moment how much he was suffering being away from God. He felt the pain of despising the things of God trading it for fleeting pleasures. It all could be avoided if Samson had not lured by the wrong things that made him sin against God. Remember teenagers! You are special; your eternal salvation is your greatest asset. Do not change it by futile and vain things.
            While everyone laughed and made ​​fun of Samson, he regretted from the bottom of his heart all the sins he had committed, and cried out to God to once again having the chance to defeat his enemies; God who is infinitely merciful, heard Samson cry out with all his heart, the Spirit of the Lord filled Samson once again with an extraordinary and supernatural strength, and placing himself between the columns that supported the temple, destroyed and put everything down, killing so much more enemies that day than he did before.
            Imagine how much Samson wished to go back and do everything correctly according to the will of God? You, young people, have at this moment the opportunity to do what is right, do not get involved with the things of the world. In the past, God separated the Jewish people from the others just not to be contaminated and today we, Christians, are the Israel of God and we must keep ourselves pure and separated to Him.
            The fact that Samson had confessed his sins caused God to forgive him: “Then I acknowledged my sin to you and did not cover up my iniquity (…) and you forgave…”(Psalm 32.5).  Young people, when true repentance happens, you confess the sin without fear and Divine forgiveness is for sure! Meditate on the verse above and don’t let sin and bad attitudes move you away from God. Ask to the Lord Jesus strength to win the evil and confess your mistakes.

 Activity for the 6th Meeting

Mathematics of faith

1. Read and answer the questions honestly, perform the requested operations.

Beginning of the game. Receive 20 points.
+ 20
If you joined the last TF Teen meeting receive twenty points; if you didn’t, lose ten points.

Did you regret of a wrong attitude against a friend? Receive fifteen points. Did you make a mistake and didn’t regret? Lose tem points.

Did you bring a new friend to TF Teen? Multiply the result by two. If you didn’t, divide by two.

Did you help your parents with the housekeeping? Receive five points. If you didn’t, lose tem points.

Do you read the bible three days a week? Receive twenty points. If you don’t, lose all your points.

Did you pray last night and asked forgiveness for all your sins? Receive fifty points. If you didn’t, lose fifty points.

Have you been persevering and fighting for your spiritual growth? Multiply your points by three.

How many points did you achieve?

2. Make your self-evaluation according to the result above.

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