Monday, 10 October 2011

Slide show of our first Biblical Educators Meeting this year!

Do you remember this day? 
I am sharing the pictures on this slide show so you may also enjoy as much as I did, but also with the objective to start posting here in the blog some reviews of this special meeting we had!
We are working hard to make the plans come true, and the changes to became effective directly in your branch, but and you? Have you been working hard as well to make your CBC branch shine? 

This Month of October we want to see all the CBC branches here in UK shinning!!! 


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Anonymous said...

This day was truly enjoyable. I look forward to all the plans coming to pass. Let's keep praying and fighting for CBC to shine for our Lord and that the projects planned will continue to move forward. Kisses to all. CBC Ilford

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Children Biblical Centre presents...

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