Sunday, 16 October 2011

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! Biblical Educatorssssssssss....
There are so many postings and we don't want you to miss anything out! 
Let's make a quick recap just so you can go back a little, and check out the important messages: 

*The story of this week about Rachel.

*The CBC B.Educators purpose of faith we are staring here in UK.

*The launch of a special Project called "Retelling Project" for all UK Branches also to launch in their own branch and send to us pictures also as a prove you have done it, and so we can share here in our blog: Send it to

*Also all branches of UK this month has to shineeeeeeee.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sharing with us ideas with pictures, or step by step videos (pictures), also visual resources for story time, or pictures proving you are practising the ideas we are posting here in the blog or many other ideas you can share with us, and your Bright Light will call God's Attention and Ours as well, making your branch to have priority in our list of purchases and your CBC classes will have all it needs first than everybody else!

Catford is now our first branch with priority requested by our Maintenance department and they are been blessed and we are giving all the attention to their branch this week! 
But they will also be shining this month in our blog! Ins't it Catford?????

*Also check below the special pictures of our first CBC Biblical Educators Meeting- Unforgettable!!!! By the way you all look so beautiful!!! And the Edmonton girls just gorgeous!!!! xx...

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Children Biblical Centre presents...

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