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Testimony from CBC Luton

Moses on Sinai by CBC Luton
Hello Mrs Elisa,
My name is Assistant Stacey from Luton, and I wanted to share with you all what we did on Sunday. Whilst the lesson was followed, we saw that the children knew the whole story of Moses, and yet some still did not believe that it could be applied to their own lives. So I shared my story with them (at first, I did not say it was me), in a very captivating way.

Afterwards they were soo excited to find out who that little girl was. I said ok children, shhh... I will share this with you, but before she comes out you must close your eyes. When they opened their eyes I had the back of a picture frame facing them, and then I turned it around and they saw me. It was clear that a practical example helped them to understand a lot more.

Stacey in her graduation day
Even the younger ones are catching the spirit, a parent came into the CBC later that day and told me that her daughter came running to her saying "mummy, mummy, next Sunday (the 20th) is our special day." I asked the little girl what she was going to do on the 20th and she answered: "We are gonna take our sandals off and not put them back on!" I asked, "but what are your sandals?" and she explained that it is all the bad things...

These last two weeks have been a blessing, and the lessons have even helped us Biblical Educators too. I believe that this will produce a change and many CBC children will go into the new year transformed by the grace of God.

God Bless you all,

with Love


Important note to all

Stacey noticed that some of the older children did not see how the story of Moses could be applied to their lives. This is a very serious issue not to be taken lightly! It happens a lot, and we are caught off guard when those children - or teens - that have been in Church all their lives suddenly don't believe a word we say.

As children grow and start distinguishing fantasy from reality, they begin to question the Bible stories we tell then on CBC.This is a seed of the devil to make them doubt the Word of God, or belive it is just a fairy tale. 

That is why we must transmit the faith always, not only the story,  and show them - in a practical and simple way - how to apply the Word of God in our daily lives.

That is what Stacey did, showing her classroom that the same God that delivered Israel from captivity also delivered her from her troubles and helped her to fulfill her dreams.

May our work be for His glory!

Elisa - CBC Blog 

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Sandra Ulume said...

What a great testimony Stacey. May God use you more in CBC to pass life to the children :)

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