Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Class: 4-7 year olds

Psalms 122.1

Teach the children that we are happy when we go to the church.

I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD. (Psalms 122.1)

Start by saying: There are places you usually go often to isn’t that right? School for example. There, people learn new things, get good grades to pass. Children, even when the student does not enjoy going to school, he knows that it is very important for his development and essential for his future. Today we will discover that there is a place to learn about spiritual things. Let’s all pay attention.

A CHILD called Isaac used to go to the CBC. Every afternoon, when he returned home, Isaac rested a bit and did his homework. He liked to study, but there goes something he liked more to do ... Do you know what it was? He liked to watch cartoons. Who here likes to watch cartoons raise your hand? Every day after doing all his homework, he sat in front of the television and waited for the cartoons to start. But one day, the child was waiting, waiting, and the cartoon did not start... Do you know what happened? The program had changed its schedule and it would now be in the evening, at the same time as the CBC class. What about now? What was Isaac going to do? Is he going to the church or watch his favorite cartoon? Do you know what happened? Isaac continued watching TV. But then his mother Marry came home and asked him to get changed. It was almost time to go to church. The boy said his mother that he did not want to go to church, that he preferred to stay at home watching television. Then his mother said: Isaac, dress quickly, because what matters most is finding and learning the things of God!
Marry realized that Isaac was sad. He did not want to go to church. Then she explained to him that the King David was very happy when he was invited to go to the House of God, for he loved to be in the presence of God! All those who are truly children of God should be glad to go to church. After those words, he got ready to go, understanding that at the CBC he was going to learn to please God.

God is our Heavenly Father and He rejoices when we are happy to go to His House. So if we want to please Him, we must feel pleasure to go to church and practice what is written in His Word.  Many people would like to have the opportunity we have to hear the teachings and God. Did you know? Who here feels happy when he goes to the CBC? Amen!

Make a poster with the following pictures (they are easy to find online): Amusement parks, children's parties, Water Parks, the beach and illustrations of UCKG buildings. Put aside the logo of the UCKG and the CBC. Start now by saying this: Kids, look at this poster (show it). What places are these? (Point to each picture and ask for them to say the names of each one). If your parents invited you to spend a day in some of these places, would you like it? Would you go happily or would you cry for not going? (Wait for their participation). I think you would do anything not to miss the opportunity to go. Do you know what place I am talking about? (Wait for their participation.) Show UCKG logo and the CBC and say: the church and the CBC! The child who wants to grow in the wisdom of God needs to go to His house, the church. Even when you do not feel like it. It is the right thing to do friends! Jesus died on the cross to save us, was resurrected and lives! And He wants to stay with you.
Educator, make a prayer with the children expressing the joy of being in the house of God and the joy of Jesus' sacrifice for us, and then after the prayer ask the kids: 1. What do you think about Isaac’s behavior? ``
3. Do you think it is right to seek God for fun? Educator, allow the children to express themselves and give the opportunity to those who want to talk. Manage your time well in class and sing  with them joyfully.

Game of the letters. Divide the classroom into groups. Write on the board or on a poster the word "Happiness." The teams, one at a time, should say a word that starts with the letter "H", then the letter "a", "p", "i", "n". "e" and so on. The team that answers correctly will earn points. The winner of the game will be the one that says more words.
Completing the sentence. Put the kids sitting in a circle and sit with them. Explain that you begin with a sentence and they must complete it. Start by saying: I come to church to learn the things of God. The child next to you must continue placing other words, for example: I come to church to learn the things of God and to pray. Whoever gets it wrong gets out of the circle and keeps watching the other participants. Continue until only there is only one child remaining.
Writing. Isaac would rather watch TV than go to church. Write your opinion on his behavior.

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