Saturday, 5 November 2011

IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION: Moses Campaign Mount Sinai

Dear Biblical Educators we are living the faith of Mount Sinai and our children will be in the same spirit with our dedication to pass to them this very same faith! They can't be left out.. 

So still following the story of the week about Isaac, but also emerging in between our Plan Class Routine the story of Moses, but not just telling them the story, but with the main objective to awake the children's faith to their dreams, that choosing the hard way to please God during this campaign, doing what's contrary to what is wrong, so that they can also climb their Mount Sinai by faith and doing so those who are willing to be in this faith of avoiding all that they know they do that does not please God, throughout this 15 days left, so we will also be taken to Mount Sinai their prayers Requests where they will write "what is their dream"!

So during this week we will be inviting "those who want to take off their sandals" just like Moses did. 

And as an class activity with their participation we'll make the sandals below:



Foam sheets

This Sandals needs to have a peace of square folded paper so they can write down, as this sandals will represent their insecurities, fear, rebellion, disobedience, lies, swearing words, bad behaviour at schools, laziness, and the list goes on, and of course doubts that tells them that God can't hear their prayers and make their dreams come true, doubts that makes them not to dream again or to not to keep their dreams alive! 

So let us all provide it the materials to do it together with the children the sandals, if you can for this SUNDAY/ or during this WEEK, and they will take it home with them and write down what is it standing between them and God, and bring next Sunday.

And our children will be also taking the sandals of their feet! Amem? And here below more materials for you to use... 

If you have a TV in your class we'll also be playing the movie of Moses (cartoon) 

Images for the Notice Boards

Drawings for the children

Remember: We have a policy about the campaigns for the children so please let's all follow the directions as described and not add anything else, respecting the policy we follow here in UK. 


Anonymous said...

Hello, I am Assistant Racheal from Croydon. I think that it is great that we are teaching the children about sacrificing at this tender age.

This message of the campaign really does go for everyone. I think that it really, really goes go for the younger people because times are getting harder for dreams to come true.

But teaching our children how to achieve their dreams by sacrifices to our God will indeed make a clear difference in the lives of our little souls!

P.s. For sure the spirit of negativity is not happy about our faith and belief in the children. We must take heed in what we say and how we say it when we talk about the campaign!

As the post said, we have a policy to abide by.

May God bless us all greatly!

Nadia Da Silva said...

I can surely see that this campaign will be a blessing is great that the children will be in the same spirit of Mount Sinai, for their dream to come true for sure we will see results...What Great a activity!!! and easy to do with the children the sandls are really cute :)..

C.B.C Croydon...

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