Saturday, 3 December 2011

Class: 4-7 year olds 

Bible Reference:
Matthew 5:3, 4

Lesson’s Target:
Our target in this lesson is to teach the children to reach true happiness by being humble in spirit.

Bible’s verse to memorize:
“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

Take to the  classroom some party balloons. Start the class by saying the following: “Today, we are going to play a game and we will need two voluntaries (wait for the voluntaries to come forward). Each one of you is going to receive a balloon. On my signal you have to blow and inflate it as much as possible. The winner is going to be the one who will inflate the bigger balloon without bursting it.”  When we inflate the balloons too much, it’s almost certain that it will burst... So, ask the children: “Do you know why the balloons burst? They burst because they are fragile and cannot hold to much air pressure in them. We are also like that. When we praise ourselves and think that we are better than others, we become full of pride, like a balloon! We are not perfect and are not good at everything and when we realize that, we will have to humble ourselves and ask for help. Today’s story is going to show us something very important. We are going to learn about humbleness and how to be humble. So let’s all pay attention to this story because proud people, will, one day, burst like a balloon!”

God Loves Those Who Are Humble

Ivan was a very proud boy. He thought that he was the best at everything and praised himself all the time: “I am the best, the smartest, the most handsome and I have the best toys ever!” He would go on and on about it...

Even when playing football with other boys, he always wanted to wear the shirt number 10 because he thought that he was the only one able to score in his team. People would not enjoy Ivan’s company that much…so much so that if he would arrive somewhere, people would leave him. People were fed up of in making jokes at their clothes or toys. Even at school everybody was tired of listening to Ivan bragging about himself. In other words; he was “Mr. I know everything”!

Half way through the school year, a new math’s teacher arrived. She was a substitute and she started teaching in a different way from the former teacher and because of that Ivan began to have some difficulties understanding the subject. Do you think Ivan asked for help? No, he just kept quiet! He didn’t want anyone to know that he could not understand the lessons. So, the worst happen! Because of Ivan’s pride he was the only one in his class with a low grade. He always thought of himself as ‘the best of the best’ and that he would never need help from anyone. Then he decided to go to the teacher and complain:
-       Teacher, you must be mistaken… the grade you gave me must be wrong. I am the smartest kid in this class!
-       No Ivan, you are not the smartest. An intelligent kid would recognize his need for help.
-       When we are humble we recognize our mistakes and ask for forgiveness - said the teacher.

Listening to that, Ivan felt ashamed and cried. He asked his teacher for forgiveness and to his classmates too and promised never to be proud again.


The Lord Jesus teaches us that true happiness is only possible for those who are humble and repent from their mistakes just like Ivan did.
If we do something wrong and feel ashamed of what we have done 
God always helps us.
God is pleased when we repent from our mistakes and decide not to do it again.
Do you want to be a happy child?
So be humble and never think of yourself to be better than others.

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