Friday, 20 January 2012

Lesson: Let's Sing Praises to God! - From Jan 22nd to the 28th

"I will give thanks to the LORD according to His righteousness and will sing praise to the name of the LORD Most High..." Psalm 7:17.

Dear Biblical Educators,

For the next 2 weeks we are going to teach the Children the importance of  
praising God. And what is praise? 

1-It is to give thanks to God for all the awesome things He has made; 

2- It is to acknowledge how good, faithful, merciful and wonderful He is!

3- It is to gladly sing with love and gratitude for all He is and what He has done.

When we do it, our hearts are filled with joy and we grow closer to God!

Having this in mind, let us teach them these new songs. Don't forget to add dance steps and/or gestures. 

You can also create a scenario, accessories, and whatever your creativity tells you, that has something to do with the proposed songs.


The Butterfly Song:


This song talks about all the beautiful (even if sometimes slightly odd) things that our God has made. All of them are special and unique, and so are our children! 

For this lesson, you should get illustrations of the animals described on the song and talk to the children about  all the particular abilities that each of them has. 

You may also do a play, with masks or paper made costumes, where each child would represent one of those animals mentioned in the song, doing it's respective gesture or movement.

The children may also draw their favorite animal.

How about an "wild life warm up" with the children making the sounds and movements of different animals, even some that were not mentioned in the song. They can also take turns in doing animal impressions and have the others guess which animal they had done.

Be creative and enthusiastic about it.


Jesus is my Superhero:

He's the one who makes the sun shine
He's the one who that puts the moon in the sky
He's the one who hung the stars
One by one

He's the one who makes the birds sing
He's the one who makes your dreams so high
He's the one who makes me smile
Day by day

Jesus you're my superhero
You're my star, my best friend
Jesus you're my superhero
You're my star, my best friend

Better than Spiderman
Better than Superman
Better than Batman
Better than anyone

Better than Yu Gi Yo
Better than Barbie
Better than Action Man
Better than anyone

You may also click here for another video, to give you clearer dance steps ideas.

The children must learn the lyrics and dance steps to this songs, that should be practiced during the week.

Please send your comments, suggestions and overall feedback, they may be very helpful to others. 

Stay tuned, as a second song may be added to this age group very soon...

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