Friday, 27 January 2012

Lesson: Nature Praises our God

Dear Biblical Educators,

This week we will continue talking about the importance of praising God and seeking His presence into our lives.
Gladness, joy, happiness, a pretty smile on your face... these are the signs that the love of God dwells in your heart.
When we share our happiness with those who suffer, we show them that there is a way out.
We once also had many reasons to cry and be sad, but when Jesus came into our lives, all darkness faded away. He is the way, the truth and the life. He had forgiven our sins and gave us eternal life.
This is more than enough reason to be happy and live in newness of life.
Doesn't that make you wanna sing???

Remember it is not just about singing. Praise is not a song, it is a lifestyle! Our lives must praise the God who gave us everything.
And if, by any chance, there are children among us who do not know this happiness yet, it is time to evangelize them personally.

Bible Educators must commit to fast and pray for these children, and help them spiritually, so that the word we preach may become truth in their lives.


Songs of the Week

Let us recap the 2 songs we have learned last week, 'If I were a butterfly' and 'Jesus is my superhero'  with lots of singing, dancing and hand clapping. If you have not seen then yet, just go down a few posts and you will find last week's lesson.

However, we will also introduce new songs, they are a a bit of a challenge, but also a lot of fun. Check it out:

0 to 3 year olds: Father Abraham

4 to 10 year olds: I am a C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N


After the spiritual talk, the singing and dancing, if there is still any time left, play some quiet games. We suggest Hot Potato. Don't know how to play it? Simple! Click here to watch a short video explaining the rules. We suggest you bring a big potato from home, and to make it real fun, why not draw or past a funny face to the potato?


  • What are the sounds each animal does? Divide the class in teams and see which team can remember more animal names and the sounds they do.

  • Still in teams, who can mimic the animals best?

  • You could also play a drawing game.  First, make 2 lists with 10 names of animals in each.You have three minutes to draw these 10 animals, one at a time and the children must guess which animal that is as quick as they can. If they are not getting your drawing, they can pass and bring that animal back in the end (if there is still time). The teams must take turns, and in the end, the team that guesses more animals in the end of the 3 minutes win the game. Of course you may adapt the game, changing the times, the quantity of animals and even the number of teams.

We are sure the children will enjoy the lesson. Be creative! If you have a fun idea that you would like to add on, but are not sure it is OK to do it, drop us a comment and we will reply ASAP. It will also help others to do the same and also have good results in their local CBC.

May God bless you!

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