Sunday, 4 March 2012

B.E in Action- See, Practice & Share

Today our B.E in Action is from Newcastle Upon Tyne!

"We had a practical time with the visual resource of today's lessons, as this time we did the visual with the children's help, sticking on the cardboard the signs of the traffic light and as well the papers with the meanings of type of prayers requests, and the kids wore really impressed that they can actually receive a "No" to their prayers, but they understood the "why" of it, and actually started to give us many examples of requests in their age that they may actually receive a "No" from God! It was really fun their participation in today's lessons plus the chain of prayers as bracelets, they love it! And me too :-)

It's just amazing when we do our class with all our hearts, we end up not missing out but instead been filled with God's presence right there with the kids while leading them to seek the Holy Spirit as well."

Biblical Educator in Action -
Graziela Lima.

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