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Lesson: Sunday, 1st April


Psalms 19:14 and Luke 7:1-10

Teach the kids that we must say good words to our neighbour.

"Let my words and my thoughts be pleasing to you, Lord.." (Psalms 19:14)

Start by asking the following: kids, who here likes to listen to beautiful songs, worship, poetry, kind words from their parents, etc? (Wait for their participation). Those are nice sounds that we like to hear. However there are some noises that irritate us, right? For example: people singing out of tune, sound of a buzzer, sound of traffic, whistles and constant bell. These sounds are not nice we must say to our neighbour. Pay attention, we are about to begin.


ONCE UPON a time there was a man who had a hundred soldiers so he was called a Centurion. Though he was an important man he was kind and worried about his servants. It happened that, one day, one of his servants was very sick and he was almost dying. Poor thing isn't it? The centurion was very sad and asked some old Jewish man to go and call Jesus to cure his sick servant. That centurion had built a temple (church) for the Jews and because of that everybody liked him.The Jew went to Jesus, gave Him the centurion's message and then Jesus went where the sick servant was. When Jesus was getting close to his home, the centurion sent some friends to give Him another message because he had changed his mind. Hmmm, did he give up asking for the cure of his servant? (Wait for their participation).
Do you know what the message was? The centurion ordered them to say that He didn't need bother, for the Lord is the Son of God and he doesn't deserve him to come to his house.
He asked the Lord to just say a word because he was sure, that one word only would be enough for his servant to be cured.
Little friends, that centurion had so much faith because he believed that with just a word from Jesus his servant would be cured. The Lord Jesus was so happy  that He said to the people with him: I have never seen a faith like this, not even among the people of Israel, which is the people chosen by God.
 And, his friend got to the centurion's house, the servant was free from the illness. Yeah!

Kids, the centurion knew there was power in Jesus's words. Did you know that our words also have power? Yes, there is power. That's why we must always say good and nice words to bless everyone who hear us. Do you understand?

Biblical Educator, for this moment you will need pictures that represent good manners (these are found in websites and books), for example:

1. Someone asking for something 
2. Someone getting a gift 
3. Someone going into a place 
4. Someone saying goodbye
5. Someone waking up close to another person 
6. Someone putting a child to sleep 
7. Someone offering something (snack or food) 
8. Someone apologising

You will also need eight labels; write the following sentences on them: Please; Thank you very much; Excuse me; See you tomorrow; Good morning; Good night; Do you want some?; Please forgive me. Before starting the Fun Chat stick the pictures around the class and glue the labels on the T-shirt of eight children.

Begin by saying: To live well with our neighbour we must be polite and respect them and always say nice things. Biblical Educator, call the eight chosen children, point to the pictures and say: you should get the picture corresponding to what is written on the label of your T-shirt, ok? Make sure that they understand what you are saying and then begin the activity. When the children get the corresponding pictures, read the sentences on the labels and talk to them about each "nice" word and the importance of using them on a daily basis. Then conclude by saying: We heard in today's story that the centurion believed the word of Jesus could heal his servant. So, each of us can bless the next person we speak to with a word of faith, encouragement, saying that everything will work out, God is with you, etc. Who understood say Amen! These must be our words. Who here will follow this teaching say "I will!" Very good.
Biblical Educator, make a prayer asking God to teach the children to speak only good words.

ACTIVITIES for the week!
(Make copies of the drawings from the book lesson)

Age 2-3
1.          Painting. Paint the centurion pretty well.
2.          Mimicking. Biblical Educator, take to the room little hats made of paper
3.          (enough for all your class), images of puppies or animals (duck, kangaroo, cat,lion, dog, etc.). Start the game putting the kids in a circle and ask them toimitate your gestures and sounds. Present one of the pictures and ask: Whatsound does it make? Make the movements and sounds characteristic of eachhats, put the kids in line and march imitating soldiers.
4.            Drawing. In the story the centurion was sad with the sick servant but then he was happy because the servant was cured

Age 4-7

1.          Decorating the drawing.The centurion was very sad with his servant's illness. Paint and glue twine on the sheet.
2.          Which way? Paint the way that takes Jesus to the centurion's servant.
3.          Complete the story. The centurion asked Jesus to say just a word. Draw inside the frame the end of the story.
4.          Certification. Paint, cut and keep it with affection.
5.          Paint correctly. Observe the sheet and paint only the vowels in the sentence: A nice word.
6.          Playhouse. Dramatization: Biblical Educator, stage with the kids a dramatization according to the story.

Age 8-10

1.          Find the differences. The centurion was very sad with his servant's illness
2.          Activity. Follow the arrow, write the first letter of each image and complete the sentence: We must say _______ to our neighbour.
3.          Cut and paste. Cut and paste the second message that the centurion sent to Jesus.
4.          Writing the story. Observe the scenes and write the part of the story referred to it.
5.          Certification. Paint, cut and keep it with affection.
6.            Activities. 1) Mark the right option and complete the sentence. 2) Write down why we must say good words to our neighbour.
7.            Free activity. Let the kids be creative.


Keeley - Rose said...

I love the lesson this week. we are always learning something new in and in a simple way.

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Nicola Ashitey has left a new comment on your post "UK Biblical Educator's Event Highlights!":

The meeting was great and very informative, we are now aware of the direction of the CBC and TFT and are equipped to achieve the best for the kids.


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