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15th April 2012


Psalms 119.163 and 2 Kings 5.5-27


Teach children that lying displeases God and brings serious consequences.


“I hate and detest falsehood…” (Psalms 119.163)


Biblical Educator, start the class by asking: Who here ever told a lie? (Wait for their participation). We all here know that lying is a very ugly thing and those who are of God cannot live lying, right? In today’s story we will talk about a man who “got his fingers burned” for being a liar. Do you want to know what happened? Then pay attention.


NAAMAN WAS a very important man in Syria’s army but quite sick. He had leprosy, a skin disease that at that time had no cure. Naaman heard that the prophet Elisha could heal him and he decided to look for him.

Prophet Elisha told Naaman to dive seven times into the Jordan and he did everything right; he dove and at the seventh time he was healed. What a joy! He was cured and his skin looked like baby’s skin, so clean.

Naaman was so happy that he decided to please Elisha, giving him gifts. The Prophet didn’t take them for he knew that God did the miracle and only He should be worshiped.

Gehazi, servant of Elisha, heard the conversation and decided to receive the gifts in his place. What a bad attitude, isn’t it little friends? Gehazi was listening to the conversation only to take advantage. When Naaman was leaving, Gehazi ran after him and asked for those gifts saying: My master, Elisha, sent me to tell you that two disciples just arrived from traveling and he would like you to give them a silver coin and two fine clothes.

Naaman was very happy thinking that the prophet had changed his mind and gave him two silver coins and two fine clothes. After that, Gehazi went home to hide the gifts. Elisha met him and asked him where did you go and Gehazi, lying once again, replied that he had not gone anywhere.

Elisha knew what he had done and, because of so many lies, Gehazi got sick of the same disease with the one Naaman had been cured of. His skin was full of leprosy and even his children would be born as lepers. In the book of Psalms 119.163 it’s written: “I hate and detest falsehood…” In this verse the psalmist reveals that he hates lying and we also must hate it.


Kids, the person who wishes to get rid of lies must make an effort and determine that they won’t lie anymore. God sees everything and lying will always be revealed. It can be hidden for a while but there comes a time when it shows. Understand? We must say nothing but the truth, Amen?


Biblical Educator, take to the class a ball of wool (any colour). Tie the tip of the wool to a pencil. Start the Fun Chat by saying: Let’s imagine that this wrapped wool (show it) is a lie that a kid told to his/her mother. (Biblical Educator, quickly wrap the wool around the pencil while talking). The person who has a habit of lying does it with such certainty that, sometimes, they end up believing in their own lie. But those who wish to have Jesus inside their hearts know that lying displeases God and makes an effort not to do it. (Biblical Educator, don’t stop wrapping the wool around the pencil and keep talking).

Kids, it is written in the Word of God, in the book of John 8.44 that the devil is the father of lies, that’s right, so we shouldn’t lie for we are God’s children, ok?

We always reap what we plant; liars harm themselves, just as Gehazi who was always lying and had terrible consequences from his lies (biblical educator, stop wrapping the wool and say). Note that every time the wool was wrapped around the pencil it was increasing (show the pencil). Do you remember at the beginning I told you the wool in this pencil (show it) was a lie that a kid told to his/her mother? See now, how is the pencil?, much more wrapped than at the beginning, right? As well the person who lies! They will lie over and over again until they lose control of their own lies. Children, God is not pleased with lies, so always tell the truth.

Make a prayer with the kids reprimanding the spirit of lying and determining that, from that day on, they all will be truthful. After the prayer, ask the kids to sit down and make a debate using the following questions:

1. What do you think about Geahzi’s attitude?

2. In your opinion, why did Gehazi lie?

3. Do you think it is right to deceive people? Justify your answer.

4. Gehazi served the prophet of God. In your opinion, how did God feel with Gehazi’s attitude?

5. Who here had the habit of telling lies but, from now on, will change your behaviour?

Allow children to express themselves and give the opportunity for those who wish to speak but check out the time to avoid delaying other steps of the class.

ACTIVITIES for the week

(Make copies of the drawings from the Educator’s Magazine)

Age 2-3

SUNDAY- Colouring. Paint very well Will, daddy and mommy. (Page 12)

MONDAY- Hunting letters. Find the letters in WILL.Obs: Biblical Educator, help the kids in need.(Page 13)

WEDNESDAY- Working with modelling clay. Biblical Educator, take to the class office paper and modelling clay. Ask the kids to create flowers with it.

Age 4-7

Sunday- Colouring. Paint it well. (Page 37)

Wednesday- Be smart. ( Page 40)

Friday- Maze. Find the right way. (Page 42)

Age 8-10

Sunday- Filling labels. Fill the labels with the right answer. (Page 73)

Wednesday- Crossword. Complete the crossword with the words of the story of the week. (Page 76)

Friday- Meditate and answer. Answer the questions below. (Page 77)

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