Wednesday, 20 June 2012

CBC Lesson from 24th to 30th of June

Psalms 37.4 and Acts 16.16-34

Teach the children that we should rejoice for having God in our lives.

“Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart! “(Psalms 37.4)

Start the class by asking: Who here is used to thanking God when you are blessed or answered in a prayer? (Wait for their participation). When we are answered it is usual to get happy, right? However, when things start going wrong many people complain to God. Today we will learn the story of two men that rejoiced serving God even through hard times. Let’s find out who they were? Pay attention, I’m about to tell you.

ONCE UPON a time there was a young woman full of deceiving spirits that made her guess everyone’s lives. People paid her to guess and the money she received was for her bosses.
One day, that young girl saw Paul and Silas and started talking about them.
Every day, when they went to the temple to pray, they passed through that way and the fortune teller used to say the same thing. Paul and Silas knew that she was a fortune teller because the spirit of evil was in her life. So Paul looked at her and ordered in the name of Jesus that the spirit leave the life of that young woman. Little friends, that moment the spirit came out and she was free from that evil. That’s wonderful, right kids? But her bosses did not like what had happened at all, because they realized they would not make any more money. Do you know what they did? They seized Paul and Silas and took them to a marketplace to face the authorities and some people; they said they were from another city and were there to teach things against their law.
When they heard that, they were so angry with Paul and Silas and wanted to beat them. Then the authorities ordered the people to rip their clothes, to beat them with rods and then lock them up in a safety prison.
Even being wronged and imprisoned, they did not get sad or complain because they knew that God would be with them all the time. On the contrary, they prayed, sang, and happily praised God. While they were praising, God caused an earthquake, all cells were opened and Paul and Silas were free.
The jailer who took care of the prisoners thought of taking his own life because he thought the prisoners had escaped, but Paul and Silas spoke of Jesus to him.
Little friends, the jailer wanted to know what he should do to be saved and Paul explained that we just had to believe then he and his family would be saved. He was so happy with those words that he took care of their wounds, took them to his house and feed them. After that, Paul and Silas talked about Jesus to everyone in that house and they came to believe in the Word of God.
When morning came, the authorities ordered to release them and let them go in peace.

Even in hard times, Paul and Silas did not complain or give up in doing God’s will but they trusted and continued happily serving Him, that’s why they were released from prison. Kids, we should act according to what is written in this verse:
“Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart! “ If wen rejoice in serving God and please Him, God will fulfill what we want.

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Priscilla Okpara said...

I really liked teaching this lesson to the kids because it allowed them to understand that when we pleases God and do what is right before Him then He will bless us.
One thing I would suggest particularly with the 8-10 year olds is for them to bring a little notebook to each CBC lesson on Sunday (I don't know if it will be provided by us or their own) and they will get to write down what they learned in each lesson. This will also help them to remember and they will also allow them to go over previous lessons to recap.
Just a suggestion :)

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