Friday, 29 June 2012

Puppets - Abraham and Sarah



 The Faith of Abraham

Materials used

Carton of milk or juice, pieces of cloths and foam paper (light brown), coloured ribbon, cotton, a pair of eyes, red paint, scissors, permanent marker, liquid glue (hot glue gun)

First, cover the top part of the carton with the skin colored foam paper (light brown) , this bit is to do the face

 then the bottom half cover it with the piece of cloth to make the little body

 Lets place a cloth on the head like the ones they used to use in the times of pharaohs. And then lets put a
thin ribbon to give the finished look and also to fasten the cloth on the head.

Cut a long stripe of colored foam and glue it in the middle of the puppet to give a finished look between the face and the little body

To complete the face, we will use the pair of eyes but will also look nice if you wish to draw a pair of eyes with the marker, then with the marker again draw the mouth.

As Abraham was already very old in age, lets put cotton to symbolize the grey eyebrow and the beard

To do the red cheeks use your finger wet it slightly on the red paint, shake off the excess of the paint and then with care not wetting it too much rub around the cheeks as you do when wearing blusher, be careful not to make the cheeks too red.

Now only the little arms are missing. Hey do you know who that other puppet is?

Sarah, she is made in the same way as Abraham but the carton used to make Sarah is a bit wider than Abraham's and her arms are at the front rather than on the side, you will see bellow why that is, that's because we put a baby on her shoulders, the son of the promise, Isaac

Here is the couple already blessed with their son Isaac.

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