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TFTeen Lesson 8 for the 4th Week of June

Lesson 8 for the 4th Week of June 

8th Meeting
Biblical Reference:
Psalms 37.4 and Acts 16.16-34
Purpose of the meeting:
Teach teenagers that we should serve God with joy
Key verse:
“Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” (Psalms 37.4)

Initiating the meeting:
Start by saying: Let's say you go to a restaurant with your family and you get a certain waiter serving your table. You realize that, even smiling, he is serving you grudgingly. The question is: is it good for the waiter to smile, if they are serving you badly? (Wait their participation). Of course not, right? He should show satisfaction in serving you, not just with a smile, but especially with the attitudes, serving properly. We learn today that God is no different, for we should enjoy serving Him. Let's see more about it.
Edifying message:

Serving God with joy

          “Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” (Psalms 37.4). In order to please God, we strive to do His will. We know that only through faith and obedience to His Holy Word, we will receive eternal Salvation. However, how have we been obeyed  and served our Lord? With joy and love; sad, is if we were forced to serve Him, or because of fear that we are not saved? God knows us and knows what the intent of our hearts. “For I know their works and their thoughts…” (Isaiah 66.18).
        We should live according to what is written: “Take delight in the LORD”, in other words, to enjoy serving Him; do it with joy! For example, Have you have been pleased to get up Sunday morning to seek God, or always regret going, thinking: ‘it is a beautiful day, I could be walking around, or it is very cold I could sleep until late’. God watches us in the smallest things, so we must be sincere in His Presence. There is no use trying to pretend or show others holiness if inside you everything is different.
        Paul and Silas served God faithfully, and even behind bars they did not stop praising Him, so God showed his faithfulness, freeing them. He allowed them to be there, for the jailer and his family to receive Salvation. But if the two stayed complaining and doubting, they would not have been freed and not been used to save those people.
        Jesus saved us so we could save others. God counts on each of us to speak of His love to those who are still suffering. When Jesus separated 70 disciples and sent them to preach His word, the Bible says that they returned with joy (Luke 10:17). And that's exactly what happens!
When we delight in serving God, everything flows naturally, the Holy Spirit leads us and makes the work in our lives, and when we talk about Jesus to someone, our souls rejoice, for we see the power of God manifest in that person who was suffering and desperate, and that is our great reward!

          Young man, young woman, you were chosen by God, He saved you so through your life you can serve Him with joy, talking about His love to others. Yes! YOU can help change the sad picture of young people who live with you, in your school, the neighborhood, the Church; preaching Salvation and winning them for the Kingdom of God. And so, you will see what a great joy will fill your heart.
Activity for the 8th Meeting

Opening the heart

Answer the questions honestly. Then give the paper to the TF TEEN Advisor; it is not necessary to put the name.

1) “Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”
(Psalms 37.4). Are you pleased to be serve God? Justify:


2) Is there something that has hindered you to follow and serve God?


3) Paul and Silas were faithful to God even in times of trouble. How has your faith been in times of difficulty?


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