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CBC Lesson from 22nd to 28th of July

Psalms 147.1

Teach children that we should sing beautiful songs to God, making a prayer of praise.

“Praise the LORD…how pleasant and fitting to praise him!” (Psalms 147.1)

Start this moment by saying: Who here likes to sing? Does anyone here wants to be a singer when you grow up? (Wait their participation). It’s really good to sing beautiful songs, isn’t it? Did you know that through a song of praise we can get closer to a very special person? Let’s know who am I talking about? Then be quiet, I’m about to tell!

LITTLE FRIENDS, Peter was a boy who was constantly writing beautiful songs.
He used to write about the love he had for his parents, about the things God created and about the love of Jesus for the people. Did anyone here write a song? (Wait their participation).
The boy was a good student but the classes he liked the most were English and Music. He did not miss one because he wanted to learn about song lyrics, about the musical notes, etc. Besides the class in school, twice a week he had guitar and keyboard lessons at a course near his home.
One day, a music contest took place at Peter’s school. The students who wished to participate should choose a theme and write a song which could be any rhythm.
Soon he knew about it, Peter made a registration and wrote a beautiful song that talked about his special friend. Do you know who this friend was? (Wait their participation). God was the friend he was talking about in the song.
The rhythm and the beautiful lyrics pleased everyone who was at the event and all judges voted on Peter’s song. The boy won the trophy easily. But what most pleased the boy was that, while he was singing, he was praising his God. He used to say to everybody that we would be a man of God and through his songs he would lead many people to the house of God.
One day, a colleague from school called Roxanne, taught Peter an important thing. She explained that it is possible to make a prayer through praise and she said that, when a person sings with all its heart, with joy, thinking in every word it is saying to God, then He listens from heaven satisfied, and get pleased of that praise.
What a wonderful discovery Peter had that day. He already enjoyed writing and singing to God, and now, knowing that this could be a prayer, a conversation with his Father in Heaven, made him even more enjoyed. And every day grew more and more in the boy's heart the desire to praise God.

God is good and takes care of each one of us, for He is our father and great friend, and He deserves our perfect praise. Little friends, today we learned how important is to sing to Him and make of praising a moment of pray. The Bible teaches us: “Praise the LORD…how pleasant and fitting to praise him!” So, let’s praise Him every day, amen?

Educator, start this fun chat by saying: Children, the song is present in our day to day. Wherever we go we hear all kinds of songs. Who here can give me an example of where we can find it? (Wait their participation). We find it in cartoons, radios, and websites. There are also songs in TV ads, when you announce a product with a song.
In times of political campaign it is common we hear jingles disclosing the numbers of the politicians. Have you noticed that, even in sports, especially football, organized fan clubs sing to their clubs? Class, with this we understand that several messages are transmitted through songs, that’s why we should watch over what we hear and sing.
When we are singing to God, we should transmit to him what is within us, making the time to praise a moment of prayer. Peter, the boy of today’s story, got involved with the things of God and liked to praise Him and this made of him a very blessed boy.
Who here wants to do the will of God as the character of today? So stand up and put your hands on your heart that I will pray for you. Educator, say a prayer asking God everyone to do His will and get involved with Him every day. After the prayer, ask the kids to sit down and ask the following questions:
1. Who here likes to praise God? Is it important to praise? Why?
2. What do you think of Peter’s behavior?
3. Do you think there are songs that can approach or depart us from God? Explain.
4. In your opinion, how should God feel about Peter?
Educator, let the children express themselves and give an opportunity to those who wish to speak. However, control the time not to skip other steps of your class.

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Priscilla Okpara said...

I can't wait to do this lesson with the 8-10 year olds tomorrow. I think its important for them to now that praising God is good especially with influence secular music has nowadays.
Plus I love singing too! I will be giving feedback on how it went ;)

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