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CBC Lesson from 8th to 14th of July

Psalms 89.1

Teach children that God is praised when we speak of Him to our neighbor.
“I will sing of the LORD’s great love forever; with my mouth I will make your faithfulness known…” (Psalms 89.1)

       Start by saying: Who here has spent or spend hours and hours talking about a subject you do not like? Something you think is boring, you do not understand or upset you? (Wait their participation). Nobody talks about something you do not like for long; however if we like something or someone, we are capable of spending a long time talking about it or about this someone. Today, we will tell a story about the father of a boy who used to talk about someone very important to the people of his neighborhood.
Let’s find out whom he used to talk about? Then pay attention, the story is about to start!

       THERE WAS a little boy so smart called Dewey. He attended the classes of the next his house. Every night, the boy went to the house of God with his mother and always saw Mr. John, Alan’s father, his friend who also attended the . Mr. John was used to stay in front of the church every day, stopping and talking to the people who were passing by.
One day, Dewey saw Mr. John talking to a lady who was crying a lot. The boy was with his mother at the door of the church and was paying attention in everything was happening. Mr. John got in the church with the woman, prayed for her and said that her life would change. Dewey thought that attitude was beautiful and went to the very happy.
A few days passed and the lady was not sad anymore, daily attending meetings in the church, and Dewey was always watching her. That day, Alan invited his friend to play at his home. And, the next day, Dewey went to spend a Saturday at Alan’s. The boys had fun, played and had a great time. They had breakfast, lunch and also talked about the things of God.
Mr. John came home from work when Dewey was preparing to come back home. Smiling, he greeted his friend’s father and asked him:
- I would like to know about what do you talk to the people who are passing by at the church door. Don’t you ever get tired? You do the same thing every day…
The man answered with a smile:
- I evangelize people because I am an evangelist and I speak of the power and love of God for them. I tell them what God has done in my life and, speaking of God to people does not make me get tired, because I know that by doing so I made Him very happy. Hearing those words, Dewey looked to his friend and said that when we grew up, he would be an evangelist, just like his father. And Alan explained that, even being children, they could speak of Jesus to other kids. Dewey answered:
- Nice, now I will speak of Jesus to my family and friends. Dewey went home thinking of the people he would invite to the church.

     Who here, after listening today’s story, is full of desire to speak of Jesus? (Wait their participation). Very good! Little friends, listen to this verse: “I will sing of the LORD’s great love forever; with my mouth I will make your faithfulness known…” It teaches us that we should speak of God to people because, by doing so, we are praising and pleasing Him.

     Educator, take to the class inserts and flyers of several supermarkets. Start the fun chat by saying the following: Children, do you see these flyers? (Show it). On it we have sales from these supermarkets and grocery stores (read the flayers). There are prices of several products and through them the housewives can compare the best place to go shopping. You know, friends, when a housewife finds a place with good prices she tells to her friends because she knows they will buy things cheaper and will spend less money.
Class, we also have to be like this concerning the Lord Jesus. Raise your hand if you love Jesus! (Wait their participation). Now, raise your hand if you recognize that Jesus is everything in your life and you will never get away from Him! (Wait their participation). Amen! So, children, as well as the inserts announce about promotions in supermarkets, also each one of us should announce with our voices what God has done in our lives and how wonderful He is. If we do that, we will bring lots of friends, family and acquaintances to the presence of God. And these people will be blessed just as the lady who was evangelized by Mr. John from today’s story and we will praise and please our God, amen?
Educator, with the help of the poster of the week, memorize the verse and then make a prayer with the class.

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