Monday, 2 July 2012

CBC New Song to Learn for this Campaing of Abraham

Biblical Educators let us learn the Mount Moriah Song to teach the kids during this Campaign, the song in the link below is in Portuguese but you may try to sing along with the lyrics in English below...

Mount Moriah

On Mount Moriah Abraham obeyed God
 He went there to sacrifice his son that he received from God

On Mont Moriah, God has tested Abraham
And because of his faith, I became a star on earth

Moriah, Moriah,  the altar of God
Moriah, Moriah I will receive my blessing there

I want to have the same faith as Abraham 
Have this faith inside of me 
For eternity

Repeat Chorus


Sandra Ulume said...

This is fab! our children in the same faith as the members, love it!

Priscilla Okpara said...

I like the idea of the of a song, better get to learning it straight away!

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Children Biblical Centre presents...

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