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CBC Lesson from 20th to 26th of January

Genesis 27-25
Teach children that God created man to worship Him and have communion with Him.

“So God created mankind in His own image, in the image of God He created them; male and female He created them. “(Genesis 1.27)

Educator, you will need a picture of a potter modeling a vase (easy to find in
websites). This picture will be used in the story. Start this moment by saying: In
previous classes you learned about Divine creations. In all of them, God used His word so they could exist; however, today we are going to talk about a creation in which God did not use His word, but His own hands. Let’s find out what creation was it? Then pay attention, I’m about to tell.

BESIDES CREATING the land animals, on the sixth day God also formed man. God took some clay and modeled it, that is, He formed the man as His own image and likeness. He made just as the potter that from clay makes a beautiful
vase. God breathed the breath of life in man's nose, and at the same time, he came to life. This man was called Adam.
God was pleased for creating Adam. And the man was in a beautiful garden called Eden, where he would live, take care of the plantations and the garden. God took care of Adam and gave him the best; just as He is taking care of us.
Adam should choose the names of all animals. God gave authority for him to take care of all animals; even the wild ones obeyed him.
Little friends, in Eden there were so many trees and tasty fruits. Adam could eat as many fruits as he wanted to. However, there was one tree in the middle of the garden that Adam could not eat its fruit for God had said:
- You can eat the fruits from any tree of the garden except the tree that gives the knowledge of good and evil. Do not eat the fruit from that tree because the day you eat it, you will certainly die.

All animals had their pairs but Adam did not have any companion. Then God
decided to make a wife for him and He said:
It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make him someone who will help as if was his other half.
Children, do you know how did He create woman? (Wait their participation).
God made Adam asleep and then took one of his ribs off. And with this rib He formed the woman. You see? God also created woman using His hands and not through His word as He did with other creations.
Adam was happy by seeing his wife. Adam and Eve were happy in that beautiful paradise, living close to God.

Adam and Eve were created by God and, when we are born, we are creatures of God as well. But when we accept Jesus in our lives we became children of God. 

 And, as His children, we have the right to the presence of God and the blessings.
Man and woman were created to worship God. And today we also live to worship
Him. It is written: “So God created mankind in His own image, in the image of God He created them; male and female He created them. “(Genesis 1.27).

Educator, take to the class pictures (from newspapers, magazines, books or
websites) of Indians, Japanese, black people, white people, fat, thin, tall, short,
people with some special need (blind or handicapped) and stick them on cardboards.
Put the cardboard on the board or on the wall of your class and start this moment by saying the following: Class, observe the people on this poster (wait about one minute then keep talking). On this poster we have different people from one another (educator, speak pointing to the pictures): there are Indians, Japanese, black people, white people, fat, thin, tall, short, with special needs, but all of them are important to God.
When God created Adam, He formed him as His own image and likeness. We are the image and likeness of God when we accept Him in our lives as our Heavenly Father, so we must love and respect our neighbors. We must love and respect ourselves as well. Did you know there are many people that, because of the skin color, hair and body shape, they think they are less important than others?
Jesus loves us just the way we are: thin, fat, short, tall, black, white, with straight hair, curly hair, exactly do way we are. You are unique! He loves us and get so happy when we obey and trust Him. Who understands say “I do”. Amen!
Educator, write the verse on the board or write parts of it in office papers and stick it on the wall with masking tape (in a way they can read it). Do not forget to write the biblical reference (prepare everything before starting your class), then memorize the verse as follows:
1. Read the verse of the week.
2. Explain the meaning of the verse.
3. Ask them to close their eyes, then erase (or remove) some words from the
verse. Ask them to read the complete verse (they will say a part is missing). Tell them to read it anyway. Then ask them to close their eyes again and erase (or remove) other words.
4. Continue until there are no more parts of the verse, and then ask the class
to say the verse even without any parts to read.

Drawing the face. Complete Adam’s face.
Decorating the scene. Adam and Eve were living in the Garden of Eden. Glue yarn on Eve’s hair and green crepe paper on the bushes.

1- Following the numerical order, copy in the board the words written in the leaves and discover the sentence. 
2- Have you been disobedient? If your answer is yes, take the following lines and make a prayer request asking forgiveness to the Lord Jesus; if no, ask God to help you stand.

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