Wednesday, 5 June 2013

CBC Lesson form 02nd to 08th of June


PURPOSE OF THE LESSONTeach the children that Jesus transforms the lives of His servants to use them in His work.


“How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news (...)!” (Isaiah 52.7)


Bring to the class copies of bills for the following items: credit card, electricity, water, etc. Start by saying the following: Who here has seen parents separating the bills of the house to pay them? Did you know that we all pay an amount to the government? This amount is called “tax” and is paid by all of us. Nowadays, most of the tax is charged along with the bills. But in Jesus time was not like this. There were men who worked doing this type of collection and they were called “publicans” or “tax collectors”. Today’s story is about the life of one of them (tax collector). Let find out what happened?

LEVI, THE TAX COLLECTORONCE UPON A TIME there was a man named Levi, who worked charging people money. Children, people disliked the collectors, for they were charging people more just so they could keep the money that was left. What a ugly thing, is in it? (Make a serious expression).It happened that Levi was working, getting money from some people when Jesus looked at him and called him. Jesus chose Levi to be one of His disciples, His helper. What a cool thing! Levi would stop being a deceitful collector in order to help people who were suffering. Little friends, we cannot fool people, no! Levi became a very special helper of Jesus, so special, that even wrote a book of the Bible telling all the miracles and the things Jesus did here in this world. Levi stopped fooling people and he was very happy because God was inside of his heart (put your hands on your heart).

CONCLUTIONJesus is also very close to you, as He was with Levi. Therefore, be always an obedient child and good with everyone, giving always good example so Jesus can be very happy with your behaviour, amen?

Dear Educator,
Let the children colouring the picture and you can ask them how has been their behaviour at home, school, among their friends, Is it Jesus happy with your behaviour?

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