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CBC Lesson from 08 th to 14 th of September


Psalms 119.144

Teach children that the book of Psalms has a lot of important instructions.

“The righteousness of thy testimonies is everlasting...” (Psalms 119.144)


    Who here likes to listen to stories? It's great to listen to stories at school, the stories mom tells us, isn’t that right? But did you know that there is a book full of true stories? Do you know what book I'm talking about? (Show the Bible and wait for their participation). Yes, well, I'm talking about the Bible through the Bible stories we hear teachings very important to our lives. Who in here wants to listen to a story? So let’s pay attention.

Ler foneticamente

Ler foneticamente


ONCE UPON a time there was a girl named Annie. She was very obedient and always tried to please God. Annie had a very nice room full of toys, bicycles and dolls. His family taught her the Word of God every day.
Once, Annie´s mom decided to donate some things for an orphanage. Then she asked Annie to separate some toys, clothes, shoes that didn’t fit her anymore.
The girl was curious and asked the mother what an orphanage was and why children lived there. Her mother explained that the orphanage is a place where orphans live; they don’t have mom or dad.
When knowing that, Annie ran to her room and separated lots of things: shoes, clothes and the best dolls. She wanted children to be happy with her gift.
Since she was small, Annie knew the Word of God and learned many good things through it, so she was kind, fair and very smart. She was not selfish and she liked to divide her things with those who had none.
Annie and her mother went to the orphanage and took everything they managed to collect, Annie had also asked for donations to her friends.
Despite having delivered donations, Annie did a nice friendship card to all children. Her attitude let everyone in the orphanage happy and God also, because with that attitude she showed she really was a girl of God.


We always have to behave correctly, good attitudes please God. But just listening to His Word we can learn good things and grow in wisdom and intelligence. Annie behaved correctly and showed everyone that she was a different kind of girl.


Educator, you need two clips and two office paper. On one paper write "I practice good attitudes"; on the other "I practice bad attitudes."
Start right now by choosing two children. Fix the paper with a clip on the back of each child's blouse chosen and say, "These children represent two types of people: those who choose the right things and the one that choose the wrong things." (Read what is written on the papers).
"Now walk around the class and the kid that I say the name must choose one of the two (points to the chosen kids) to follow."
Begin the activity. Ask the children chosen to walk around the class. Educator, call some children and ask for them to walk behind of one of the kids. Observe which of them they will choose.
Conclude by saying: "We must be careful and see if we are following the wrong things and acting in the wrong way. Like our friends that invite us to follow and do things that displease God, we must be wise and choose only what pleases to our God. Annie chose to do what was right and showed everyone that she was a different because she heard and practiced the teachings of the Word of God. Who of you will only have good attitudes from now on raise your hand! ".
Educator, make a prayer with the children and then memorize the verse with the class as follows:
1. With a red marker, write (letters large and visible) the verse in a white cardboard. Then cut the cardboard into pieces. The pieces should be similar to those of a puzzle. And do not forget to prepare everything in advance.
2. Display the poster of the week and read the verse.
3. Explain the meaning of the verse.
4. Then ask children to go picking up the pieces to assemble the verse (puzzle) in the right way. Fix pieces of tape on the board or wall, until the verse is complete. Then, just memorize with the class.




Playing with colors.

• Take to class: a paper bag (similar as those of the stores), a radio, CD with children's music, crayons and balloons: red, green, yellow, blue and pink.
• Get 6 boxes of shoes (can be small boxes), covered with paper in the colors: red, green, yellow, blue and pink. Fill the balloons, glue on the tip a tape and fix it in the box with its corresponding color, like a green balloon in the green box.
• Obtain images of fruits: apple (a very red apple), lemon, bananas. Vegetables according to the colors mentioned.
• Also take pictures of objects that children use as cups, combs, toothbrushes, clothes, toys, etc. Educator, these images should be colored (the same colors of the balloons already mentioned).
• Note: All materials must be prepared before class begins.
• Arrange the chairs in a circle and put the boxes in the middle. Grab all the pictures and place them inside the paper bag. Say the following to the class: "Today we’ve listen Annie’s story, a girl who liked the Book of Psalms ... Isn’t that right? Who of here remembers the color of Annie’s Bible? (Wait for their participation) Pink, well done. Annie’s Bible was pink. Now ... Let's play to learn the colors name?"
• Educator, say that one at a time they should get a picture inside of the bag. Doing so, ask: "What is its name?" Let's say he grabbed an apple, then say: "He / she grabbed an apple." The color of the apple is red, repeat after me, red. Now he / she will put the apple in the red box (show which is the box that you’re talking about).
• Always ask the kids to repeat the names of objects and colors that they refer too. Clap and show happiness with their participation. Continue the game until the end of the pictures.


Drawing the story. 

Educator, take office paper to the class sheet and markers. Ask the kids to draw Annie and her mother at the orphanage. After everyone have finished, praise their creativity and fix the pictures on the board or on the wall.


Number it

Number and write the events in the order of the story. 

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