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CBC Lesson from 06 th to 13 th of September


Psalms 3.5 and 2 Kings 7.3-14

Teach children that we should not be afraid of anything for Jesus is with us.

“I lie down and sleep; I wake again, because the LORD sustains me” (Psalms 3.5)


 Educator, take to the class a sheet of office paper written FEAR on the front and NO FEAR on the back. Start this moment by saying the following: When I show you this paper you will read with me and stand still, nobody can move and when I turn it over and read what’s on the back then you can move, understood? Educator, you show the word FEAR and observe if they are all still, then show them NO FEAR. Conclude: Children, today we learn that when we are afraid we get paralyzed but when we are not afraid, we are brave and we win. Let’s hear the story? I’m about to start!

Ler foneticamente

Ler foneticamente


THERE WAS in Samaria four lepers. Little friends, do you know what leper means? (Wait their participation). Leper is someone who has a very serious disease called leprosy; it makes the body full of bruises and can pass from one person to another. That’s why leprous people lived separated from others, for their neighbors were afraid of getting the disease because then there was no cure.
The city of Samaria was surrounded by an enemy army, until food began to run out and people were starving. Including the four lepers, who were at the entrance of the city, were hungry. But one day, they had a brave idea and they said:
- Why are we sitting here? If we enter our city we will die of hunger, but if we stay here, we will also die. Let’s go to the enemy camp! If they let us live, we will live; if they kill us, we will die anyway.
Children, what a brave attitude, right? They knew that in the enemy camp there was food and they decided to use the courage.
At nightfall, the four of them went to the entrance of the camp where the enemies were living and, when they got there, they saw no one.
The enemies had run away leaving everything behind, including riches and plenty of food. Do you want to know what happened? (Wait the participation). While the lepers were walking towards the camp, God made the enemies hear a strong noise, like the sound of a big army marching up to them. Scared, the enemies thought that the king of Israel had paid other armies to attack them so then ran away. Then the lepers entered the tents of the camp and they ate, got silver, gold, clothes, everything they thought the enemies had left there. Class, the lepers did not consider only themselves, they told the king of Samaria that the enemy had run away from the camp and had great riches and enough food for all people.


When we believe in God we are not afraid of anything. The courage of those lepers made them and the people of Samaria saved from hunger. In Psalms is written: “I lie down and sleep; I wake again, because the LORD sustains me.” (Psalms 3.5) The lepers were not afraid therefore God was manifested. Who here will always trust in God say “I will”.


            Educator, take to the class pictures (big) of injections; children in bed (sleeping alone); rainy day with thunders; students taking test. Stick (on the board or on the wall) with adhesive tape on the reverse side. Write on a cardboard the sentence OVERCOMING FEAR and stick it above the pictures. Turn over one picture at a time and ask the class, for example: Who here is afraid of injections? Who here is afraid of sleeping alone in the dark? Who here is afraid of rain, thunders and lightning? Who here is afraid of taking a test? For each picture you should wait the participation of the class then continue to show the other pictures. After talking about each picture say to the class: Children, we who are from God should not be afraid of anything because the Lord Jesus is with us in every moment and He will not let any harm happen to us (show the pictures again and keep talking). Why be afraid of injection if it does well for one who is sick? Why be afraid of the dark, if in the dark we sleep better? Why fear the rainy days, if the rain does so well to nature? What about the test? If you studied and prepared yourself then there is no reason to fear, right?

            Little friends, fear does people get paralyzed before what they fear. The four lepers from today’s story knew that if they stood there they would end up dead and they were not afraid of the enemies, but they stand up and went to them. That made God act and they won that situation getting food and riches. Therefore if you are afraid of something pray and ask God to expel all fear. At the end, make a prayer for all children.




The four lepers were courageous, they were not afraid of anything.

Paint it well



We have learned today about four brave lepers.

Paint it correctly.


Be smart

The drawings below seem to be the same. However,
If you are alert, you will see that one of them is different.
Find and paint it.

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