Monday, 7 October 2013

Growing beans in cotton

On the 13th of October we will be giving the to each child their own experiment of the beans in Cotton,   tell them to find a special place in their garden so they can plant their little plant, those who does not have a garden can ask mum to buy a small vase and  can place in their window sill,  so the plant will receive the sun light and be able to continue to grow. In the same way we cared for this plant, from now on we will take care of the Holy Spirit inside us by pleasing him every day with our obedience day by day.
CBC Stamford Hill


Tamika said...

Hi, Mrs. Erika,

Beautiful, (you and the beans)

wow, Brixton`s CBC beans are growing as well, lolol I sent you some pictures.

Tamika, xx
Brixton CBC

Anonymous said...

the children really enjoyed making their own bean cotton plant, to be honest even the biblical educators also loved it.

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Children Biblical Centre presents...

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