Monday, 25 November 2013

CBC Lesson from 17 th to 23 th of November


Daniel 6.1-28


Teach children to persevere in prayer, for only then they will achieve victory.


“Pray without ceasing.” (1 Thessalonians 5.17)


What would you do if you had to stand before fierce lions? Cry for help, run, hide?

(Give them some time to answer). In the story we are going to tell you today we have

lions, kings, bad men…are you curious? Then let us listen to the story.


AFTER SOME time, the king of Babylon came to be Darius. Weird name, right?

But that was the name of the new king. He chose Daniel and two more men to be

ministers of his kingdom. But, as Daniel did everything right, the king decide to put him as

chief of all. Hum! It caused so much jealousy for the other two, which started looking for

a flaw in Daniel to harm him. What a bad thing! Never do that, children, for it displeases

God, very much. They realized there was nothing to accuse Daniel in his work, but they

knew he was faithful to his God and used to pray three times a day. Do you know what

they did, kids? They asked the king to create a law in which, during one month, it would

be forbidden to pray to any god and, each and every request should be made exclusively

to the king.

The king, without knowing their real intention, thought it was a good idea and

ordered to proclaim the law determining that, whoever disobey it, would be thrown

into the den of lions. Even knowing about the law, Daniel kept praying and thanking


We learned from Daniel that we should pray every day and trust that God will

listen and answer to our prayers. To pray is to talk with God. We can say to Him

everything that gets us sad and worried. Only He is powerful to free us from all our

problems. When we go through difficulties, just as Daniel in the den of lions, we need to

insist on praying, for the Lord is powerful to deliver us from all our fears and worries,

amen, kids!


Educator, you are going to arrange in advance a clipping of a lion to each child.

Explain that Daniel prayed to be free from the hungry lions. What are them afraid of or

what worries them that could be called “lion”? Ask the kids to think about their “lions”

such as the disease of a relative; the separation of the parents; a problem at school; a

hard test; etc. Ask them to write their “lion” (or you write it) on the clipping of lion you

distributed, and then put it inside your Bible. Suggest them to pray over the “lions” during

the week and wait for the answer from God.

After picking up the requests, ask them: how can we wait God to answer our

prayers? (By praying daily; being patience and believing he will solve the problem; asking

God to help us do our part to solve the problem). Ask who has a testimony of answer

from a prayer? Give them some time to share the victory with the group. When you pray,

remember today’s story: God deliver us from the “lions”.

Educator, do not forget to

memorize the verse of the week with the kids and ask them, as homework, to pray three

times a day: when waking up, at lunch time, and when going to bed.



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