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1Lesson Primary- 24th of July

Lesson 24th of July                                                  

Psalm 32.7 and Judges 6

Teach the children that we are important to God, He has chosen us to glorify His name through miracles in our lives.

“You are my hiding place; you shall preserve me from trouble.” (Psalm 32.7)

Has anyone here been chosen to do something special without expecting? (Give time to the kids to answer and tell their experience). It’s a huge surprise, isn’t it? Sometimes we even feel afraid thinking that we won’t be able to do that. In today’s story, something very similar happened. Do you want to know what it was? Let’s pay attention so we may understand.

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THERE WAS a time when the people of Israel were doing a lot of wrong things and with it they displeased God, and because of that, many bad things started happening to them. The Midianites, enemies of the people of God, pursued them and destroyed everything they planted, leaving them without any food. Terrified, the people of Israel started hiding in caves. Even to go out and clean the wheat could not be done because they would destroy everything. Tired of this situation, the people cried out to God. But there was a brave man called Gideon.
 One day, he was cleaning wheat when an Angel appeared to him and said: “The LORD is with you, brave man”. God saw courage in Gideon, because while everyone was afraid and hiding, he was working, separating his wheat. The Angel told Gideon that God was with him and that he should use his courage and faith to free the people from that suffering.
Can you guess who that angel was, children? That Angel was the Lord Jesus Himself. God sent Him to tell Gideon that he had been chosen to defeat the Midianites.
Gideon’s family was the poorest in Israel, and he was the smallest of his household. But God didn’t care about it, because He was seeking a brave man and that man was Gideon. God told Gideon that He was with him and, because of that, he would defeat the enemies, for the most important thing was not his strength or how important he was but the fact that God was on his side..


Children, it doesn’t matter your size or if your parents don’t have much money, what really matters is your faith in God. Trust Him and have the assurance that God has chosen you as well as Gideon. Know that you are very important to God and that He wants to perform many miracles in your life. Have faith, amen?



          Take to the classroom an illustration or a picture of firefighters, police officers and soldiers. Make a poster with those pictures. Start saying the following: Let’s say that there is a fire in a certain place, which one of these professionals should be call? (Wait for them to answer and by showing the poster to them). The firefighters, right? They are always ready in their barracks waiting for the right time to act. And when are the police officers called? (Show the poster and wait their participation). When there is a robbery, confusion, fights or when someone doesn’t comply with the law, the police officers are called to resolve the situation. Now, when there is war, the soldiers get into action to ensure the safety of the country or state (show the poster).
          Children, all these professionals (show the poster) must be really courageous to do their job, because to do what they do, they cannot be fearful isn’t it?
          Today we have learned about Gideon, a man that, for his courage, was chosen by God to lead His army. God counts on people of faith, courageous and people who trust Him wholeheartedly, for God has given us the Holy Spirit who is courage, amen? That’s why you must not fear. If you are experiencing problems inside your house, at school or with your friends don’t be sad, because with God we are more than conquerors!
          Educator, make a prayer with them and then make a game for them to memorize the verse of the week.

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