Saturday, 30 July 2011

21 days Introduction

21 Days of Daniel's Fasting Introduction 

Dear Biblical Educators prepare the classroom's  environment to introduce the 21 Days of Daniel's Fasting to the children, always respecting the children's language and limits to make the fasting!
Lets make it in a very special way even more special for a purpose like this!

To receive and be filled with the Holy Spirit!
Initial suggestions:
Create postcards, banners, backgrounds with images.

So the classroom is prepared!!!
Because from the 1st day (Monday) until the end of the Fast of Daniel the children want to become more and more united in God!

Here are some images representing the partial fasting the children may be invited to do, and we can use this images to make postcards, banners, or feel free to use your creativity, just don't forget to shoot it and send it to us!...

Just click on the image and it will appear a larger image, then with your right click on the image you choose the option "download image", save it, and print the jpg. quality if you wish. 

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