Friday, 23 September 2011

Answered Prayer

The Answered Prayer

There in the Mount Carmel, God showed to everyone that HE is Faithful to ALL who obey HIM.

The prophets of Baal were there also, and cried out to their gods… but nothing happened.

However, Elijah who was a man of God, obedient and faithful to Him, with A SINGLE PRAYER, he showed to all that the God of Israel was faithful and truthful. He made fire come down from Heaven and burned the sacrifice on the Altar that Elijah built for Him.

The man of God proved that it is worth it to believe in a Great God!

With this resource which is very easy to do, we are going to teach the kids that Our God is Alive and is still making fire coming down from Heaven burning all the negativity in their lives!

To do that you will need:

·    Brown paper to make the Mount Carmel and the Altar for the  Sacrifice;

·      The prophets drawn and coloured with crayons;

·      Cotton wool to make a cute sheep

·      Red cellophane paper to do the fire

·      A piece of Styrofoam to make the base for the Altar and the prophets – see picture above.

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carole said...

Wow, amazing I sincerely believe this will awaken the children faith by challenging God and themselves. Because many them have problems which needs to be destroy and this also is a challenge to us teachers and Helpers to challenge ourselves and God to prove to the kids that God is still alive.

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