Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Bible Memorable Verse!

Bible Memorable Verse!

Yes! Clothesline in the CBC!
And in several outfits!! 

Made of EVA foam sheets, or you may also try with fabric or 
any other material that is possible to put the verse.
The suggestion is that after repeating one or more times the verse,
the Biblical Educator asks everyone to close their eyes and then withdraws
a piece of "clothing"from the clothesline and ask them to read again,
of course they will notice the removal of one word,
but still they will be able to tell which word is missing even though is is not there. 

Doing so, they will memorize the verse and end up learning it.
Keep removing the “piece of clothes” from the clothesline one by one and still see for yourself that they will continue telling the verse.
Of course put every word back again putting the "clothes" on the clothesline.
And also enjoy this technique of Bible Memorable Verse!


Aninha said...

Thank youuuu. I will show it to the teachers from South Africa okay? :-)


Graziela Lima said...

Oi Anaa! Amem!!! It is a pleasure to be of help! kisses dear

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