Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Class: 4-7 year olds

Proverbs 30.5 and Luke 5.1-11

Teach the kids that the word of God bless those who believe in it.

"Every word of God is pure; He is a shield to those who put their trust in Him". (Proverbs 30.5)

Start by asking: Has anybody tried to do something alone and failed, but with the help of parents or someone resolved the matter quickly? (Wait for their participation). Today we are going to learn about a man who, alone, failed to resolve what he wanted, but with the help of someone special, a miracle happened. Let’s find out whom I'm talking about? Pay attention that the story will start.

JESUS WAS near a lake to teach about God's will when he saw some fishermen washing their nets. The two boats were empty, with no fish; they were going home, tired and empty-handed. Jesus then took a boat from the fishermen, called Peter, and continued teaching in the boat to the people.
After this, Jesus called Peter and told him to take the boat far away, to the deepest part of the lake, and to throw the net again. Do you know what Peter said to Jesus? (Wait for their participation.) He said he had worked all night, but had not caught anything, but he would obey the command of Jesus.
Buddies, Peter obeyed the orders of Jesus. So what happened? (Wait for their participation.) They threw the net, and when pull they them back they could almost not hold it because it was so heavy. Peter had to call his friends who were fishermen, to help him. His boat was almost turning! The fishermen returned to the beach with two full boats. All were surprised with the amount of fish they had caught. What a wonderful fishing!
Children, this was possible because Peter followed Jesus' command. The word of God says that "All the Word of God and pure: He is a shield to those who trust in Him! (Proverbs 30.5).
He trusted Jesus and received the miracle, and most importantly, he followed Him. Peter recognized that Jesus was the Son of God and said: "Lord, leave me, for I am a sinner! And Jesus answered and said, "Do not be afraid Peter, now you'll be a fisher of men" With those words, Jesus was calling Peter to be His disciple. And Peter accepted the invitation with joy and together with James, another fisherman, left the boat, fish and followed Jesus.

When we obey the teachings of God, He is a shield to us and evil does not touch us and He blesses us. Never forget that the Word of God does not fail, it is true, and everything that is written in the Bible, God fulfills in the lives of those who trust in Him.

Educator, get pictures or photos of babies learning to walk, children accompanied by an adult, learning to ride a bicycle, people jumping from parachute (you can find these pictures on the internet). Assemble a poster and write the title "Trusting ..." Educator, also take the Bible to the class.
Start now showing the poster and saying: Kids, look at this poster. "What are they doing? (Wait for their participation). Children read after me: "Trusting..." Children in these pictures people are under the guidance of someone to do something, for example: The little baby is taking the first steps because he trusts who’s helping him, isn’t it? The same applies to the kid learning to ride a bicycle. With people jumping parachute hang-gliding, all are relying on someone’s instructions.
In today's story we learn that Peter received a blessing only because he trusted the word of Jesus. When we trust God's Word (show the Bible) we are blessed, for He confirms our victory. At that time, Peter had no doubt, but only believed and was blessed. Kids, God is our shield and won’t allow us to be ashamed. His Word is pure, there are no lies and no promises that cannot be met, okay? Who here says that will always have faith in the Word of God? Amen! Educator, make a prayer with the class later, with the help of the poster of the week, memorize the verse as follows:

1. Read the verse that is on the poster of the week. 2. Explain the meaning of the verse. 3. Make the boys repeat the first verse, then girls. Then get each row to say every part of the verse and, ultimately, the entire class. Educator, interact with them, praise those who answer correctly and give another chance to those who answer wrong.

List. Peter trusted Jesus and was blessed. Write a list according to the story.

Memorizing. Paint Peter and memorized the verse.

Game. Educator, divide the class into groups of five and tell them to make rows. The ones playing must hold in the waist of the child in front of them. Educator,  give the following instructions:

Walk slowly 2. Walk jumping with right foot 3. Walk and wave the left hand 4. Walk with the hands on the waist of friend 5. Walking with your right hand on the head. Educator, observe the teams and then end up the game saying that just as everyone did what they heard attentively to your orders, we must be attentive to the Word of God and obey it.

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