Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Class: 2-3 year olds

Proverbs 30.5 and Luke 5.1-11

Teach the children that when we believe in the word of God, He blesses us

"Every word of God is pure; He is a shield to those who put their trust in Him". (Proverbs 30.5)

Take to the class pictures of dishes with dishes (you’ll find it easier to find on Internet sites or cookbooks). Start by asking: "friends, who has already seen mom preparing a delicious fish? (Wait for their participation). Mom cleans the fish, removes the fishbone, put some seasoning and prepares it with a lot of love, isn’t it? (Show picture). Yummy! But someone needs to catch it, isn’t it? Today we’ll listen to the story of a fisherman who was very blessed. Stay tuned I'll start.

One day Jesus was near the beach and saw two boats coming close to the seashore. Let’s imitate a boat? (Educator clasps your hands, stretch your arms, and then swing from one side to the other and ask the children to copy). That boat belonged to a fisherman named Peter. He was tired and sleepy (Yawn and then make an expression of fatigue), Do you know why? Because he had worked the whole night and caught no fish. He threw the net many times but didn’t catch any fish (show the picture of the fisherman's net) Oh, poor thing! But Jesus said to him: Peter return to the lake and throw the net again.
Friends, Jesus told him to pull the net! And Peter did so. When puling it (Educator, make gestures as you were pulling a fishing net), ufa! The net was very heavy, it was full of fish and Peter needed his friends to help. The two boats were left full of fish. After that Peter became a disciple of Jesus.

Yeah! The miracle happened. Do you know why? Because Peter obeyed Jesus and trusted on what He had said. God makes no mistakes and never fails, and will always bless us as He did with Peter amen?

Imitating. Educator, ask the children to stand in a circle. Start right now by saying the following: Children, today we learned that the fisherman Peter obeyed Jesus and catch many fishes. Peter’s boat was sailing through the lake. How does it sail? (Clasp hands, stretch your arms, and then swing from one side to the other and ask for children to copy). Repeat the gesture several times. Note their involvement, and say the name of three children and ask for them to do the gestures. Then say: "And the plane, have you ever seen a plane flying in the sky? Let’s copy it? (Open your arms and swing) And a car? (Make gestures as if you were driving. Walk through the class and make a noise of car).
The train makes a sound like this: beep beep, chuk chuk chuk chuk, repeat after me beep beep, chuk chuk chuk chuk. But to copy the train we must walk one behind the other. A child after the other by placing their hands on the shoulder of friend and repeat after me, beep, beep. Educator, for every gesture ask for them to copy. Congratulate for their participation. Play with them until they lose interest.

Cut by hand. Peter was a fisherman; cut the fishes with scissors and paste them in the net.

Using the colors. Educator, take to  the classroom a blue pot of ink. Place the children sitting in a circle and distribute sheets of paper. Ask each child to paint the sea with their index finger, making wavy motions in the bottom of the sheet, from one side to the other half of the sheet. Let it dry and place it in the class mural.

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